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Aug 11, 2008 10:13 AM

Breakfast at the Stolen Menu Cafe in York, ME

My boyfriend and I went to Kennebunkport last Labor Day weekend and discovered a little place in York, ME that we just love. It has a very creative, very extensive breakfast menu with a very long list of specials that are ever changing that take advantage of the abundant fresh, local produce.

Yesterday morning we both woke up incredibly early for some reason and decided that rather than toss and turn for a few more hours we should jump in the car and head to Maine (we live in western, MA) for a stop at the Stolen Menu Cafe and a day at the beach.

When I go to Maine, I make an effort to incorporate lobster into each meal, and there were serveral menu options that allowed me to do this both times we've been. The first time I had a lobster and fried egg sandwich served on a croissant with local greens, tomato and truffle oil. The sandwich was overflowing with sweet, succlent lobster meat. The best breakfast I've ever had until yesterday when I got the "Fall in Love with Maine" special, which was equally as good and equally abundant on the lobster. This time, however, the lobster was served eggs benedict-style, with the lobster in place of the canadian bacon and the addition of heirloom grape tomatoes, shitake mushrooms and corn. Pure heaven.

If you're ever in the area check it out!

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  1. Many people have said the food is very good, but it is also very pricey.

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    1. re: bewley

      I think we spend $28 including tip for two people. Certainly more expensive than a diner but the quality of the food is better and to me it was worth it.

      1. re: bewley

        Portland phoenix online auction was offering gift certificates to this place for half price.

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            The menu is available on line. I agree with Visink that it is a little pricey for breakfast. Does anyone else agree that this is true or not? Just curious I guess. Earle Ct.

            1. re: Earle

              It's been a while, but we went to see the menu and it was the specials that I thought were pricey. The place was doing a brisk business and they had a lovely pastry display, but I couldn't get over the high prices and that people were actually paying them.

              1. re: bewley

                What an understatement!
                I had a short stack of blueberry pancakes for $9.00 plus a $3.00 surcharge for maple syrup! Breakfast for two with coffee came to $34.75 and that's with no meat or lobster! Food was good, but not THAT good.

      2. The food is very good, though a little pricey. The only negative was I wanted to substitute sweet potato grits for the roasted potatoes that came with my mean and I was told substitutions were not allowed. I could purchase them for an additional price. I think that is unreasonable. Substitutions for similar items should be allowed.

        1. Yeah, yeah, the food is great and all that, but so are the prices. As I have read reviews on the Stolen Menu in other online columns, I seem to have encountered a problem that some others have. There next door is the York Hospital outpatient facility and once a month I go by myself for an appt. When Anderson's bakery was in the same spot as the SMC I had no problem going in for coffee and breakfast by myself. I would often do this after an appt at York Shears also. Now, a single person is almost ignored unless one flags down the waitress, one in particular. And, once you do get waited on, you are never asked if you want a refill of coffee...the check is slammed down with the food. I am the same person who goes in on a weekend with my husband and daughter, and am never treated that way then. MJ...get on your help about this, or is it with your encouragement?
          Customer service is a big part of a review, despite how good the food may be.

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          1. re: Elyn

            This is one of our favorite restaurants in the area . I disagree with some here--the food IS THAT good. And I have never had anything but welcoming and pleasant service--even when alone. Even the owner has come out to say hi. The specials menus change all the time and the food is always fresh and creative. I would rather spend my money there on breakfast than at most places for dinner. Worth every penny.

            Stolen Menu Cafe
            127 Long Sands Rd Ste 7, York, ME 03909

            1. re: 3catsnh

              I am glad that you have had nothing but welcoming service there....are you a friend of one of the wait staff that spends a lot of time chatting with people she knows, whether they are alone or with someone else? I tried it again yesterday morning after having my hair cut at York Shears...alone....and again, "here's your hat, what's your hurry?" Guess 4 times for me to try it this way is enough. Of course, on the wkend if I go in with my family it will be a different story. You can't convince me otherwise.

              Stolen Menu Cafe
              127 Long Sands Rd Ste 7, York, ME 03909