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Aug 11, 2008 10:09 AM

providence, the outdoor cafes in federal hill

you know that plaza with the fountain right next to venda ravioli? there's 4 different cafes serving food outdoors, venda, costanino's across from venda, dolce vita, etc. their menus all look similar and are pricey. which has the best food? i'm jonesing to eat outside but not into mediocre.


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  1. I haven't been recently but the one attached to Venda (and their sister restaurant across the square) have both always been very good. If you have your back to Atwells, they are the two first ones, left & right. All the way back to the right.....I'm not sure if anyone's in that spot currently - there's been a lot of opening & closing, so I can't speak to whatever might be there now.

    on the left, 2nd one in, Caffe Dolce Vita....good from what I've had. More known for their elaborate desserts. Left, 3rd one in - a pizza joint. Good at what it does I believe.