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Aug 11, 2008 10:07 AM

Richmond Restaurant Week?

It's the time of year for DC and Baltimore Restaurant Weeks, which leads me to wonder if and when Richmond has it's own? A quick google search informed me that there was one last year, but I couldn't find out if this was an annual event or not. So, is there a Restaurant Week in Richmond? If so, when and where, and why is there so little PR? If not, why?!

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  1. We have a restaurant week.....I don't pay much attention to it since we don't go to those places during that week (I would only get the list in order to avoid). I want to say it's in the fall, but I may be completely wrong.

    1. It does indeed exist, but I can't remember when it was either. I remember there either not being many choices, or we didn't find it a good value - or both.

      We went to Amici and had a so-so meal for nowhere near a bargain.

      But I'm biased. I started going to restaurant week in NYC in 1992. $19.92 for a 3-course meal at a high-end restuarant. That was a deal, imo.

      We were going to try to get to DC this week, but it's just not going to happen!

      1. check out - they have the info on there when it's close by. you may be able to find old listings/articles to give you a better idea when it is and who participates.

        1. Richmond Resturant Week has been an annual event for several is usually the last full week in October. It is a money raising activity sponsored by the Central Virgina Food Bank (or at least has been in the past) with a portion of each meals cost being donated to that organization. The price is the same at every participating resturant and it is a good opportunity to check out Richmond's high end resturants at a low price which benefits the community at the same time. Check out the Central Virginia food banks web site in early September...also it is usually mentioned in the food section of the Richmond Times Dispatch prior to the happening...I must travel in different circles than your earlier replies, as my friends and at I eagerly watch for the posting, and eat out everynight that week that we can!

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          1. re: Lynne Jenkins

            Thanks for the info! I've always enjoyed the Baltimore restaurant week, even though I know that some restaurants slack and use the week as an excuse for bland prix fixe menus. Being new to this area, I thought that a restaurant week would be a great way to get introduced to some of the area restaurants. Do you have any favorites during this week?

            For those who aren't fans of RW - is this due to the crowds, or the quality of the menu, or something else?

            1. re: agoldman

              It's mainly because of the crowds. We eat dinner out 3-4X week and we generally try where we want to try when we want to try them. I think it works well for us and for the restaurants to have their regulars give them the week off during restaurant week.

          2. Oct 27th to Nov 2nd. Doesn't look too exciting....