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Aug 11, 2008 09:58 AM

Just moved from the city to Vaughan/RH (Bathurst and Rutherford)

So I took the family up into the burbs.

While I used to live here, I did enjoy the great local (re: non-chain) restaurants I could get around Y&S.

I have now moved to Bathurst and Rutherford and am looking for some good recommendations.

I know Tresca and Il Postino are right across the street, but what else is there.

Any local favs?

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  1. There are a zillion "Mediterranean grills" right around you, all with about the same menu.

    I haven't been there but Sofra (on Langstaff) is supposed to be pretty good for kebabs, falafel and that kind of stuff.

    I'm not sure when it's opening but Dante's pizza/pasta is supposed to be opening right nearby too.

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      If you like good Canadian-style Chinese food, try Dynasty on Major Mack one light east of Bathurst on the north side. My family has been going there since the day they opened, and the owner treats her regulars really well.

      Across the street from Dynasty is Sue's Produce, a nice little grocery store with really fresh produce and meat, and they have an in-house sushi chef that makes some of the best sushi I've ever had, which is great for a quick take-out dinner.

      My sister swears by Hannah's Schwarma in the same plaza as Tresca, but I go to Joe's Hamburgers at Yonge and Elgin Mills if I want great shwarma, felafel, and fries.

      Sofra is also a great choice at Dufferin and Langstaff, and it's in the same plaza as Grains Eatery, which is a beautiful little midday lunch place. They serve burritos that are very similar to those at Utopia at College and Clinton.

      If you like Indian food, Taj Odyssey at Yonge and Oxford (one light south of Elgin Mills, southwest corner) is excellent, and they do a great lunch buffet.

      Finally, you can always make the trip down Highway 7 to Leslie for some of the best Chinese in the GTA

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        If you're going to eat at Sofra, I recommend take out. I find the service there awful. The female waitresses are ok, but I don't like the cocky male waiters, who I think are part owners or something. They have an attitude that because they are so busy they don't have to give good service.
        Also, I think their food is not as good as originally thought. I had the matbucha last week and it was more like salsa than matbucha.
        Their chicken was boring, no flavour, and it doesn't even come with a lemon wedge or anything. The baked potato came naked and when I asked for butter or sour cream, they said they don't have any butter in the house because they are kosher style (but they have pork on the menu). So I could have had margarine, but I don't like margarine. And they don't give you sour cream.
        At Me Va Me, they give you a delicious dill butter for the potatoes. And the salads are better than Sofra.
        It is a handy place to have in the neighbourhood, I guess, but I would recommend takeout.

        I noticed the Dante's sign and my mom said it has been there for a year, so who knows when they will actually be opening.