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Costo Single Malt Scotch in San Diego

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There was an article in the Wall Street Journal last week about 18-year old Macallan-made whisky selling at Costco under the Kirkland brand:


Apparently, 20 years ago, Macallan was producing more than it could sell, and so they sold off some of their surplus to independant bottlers. Now, Costco is selling the 18yr Macallan for only $60 and I would love to find some. I tried La Mesa Costco yesterday without success. Has anyone seen this at another SD area Costco?

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  1. The Morena store is the most likely place any new item would be. They are sort of the "test market" store for all Costcos.

    However, by saying it is being sold under the Kirkland brand, it should be available nationally. Perhaps just not released yet.

    1. Costco Morena carries it.

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        I'm on my way! Thank you!!

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          man, when you need a drink, you NEED a drink!! :)