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Aug 11, 2008 09:13 AM

Kingfish Cafe - questions

Thinking about going to Kingfish Cafe for a birthday celebration. A few questions:

1. what are the prices like? I saw their menu online but they do not list prices.

2. what is the atmosphere like - is it very casual or more formal? somewhere in between?

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  1. prices are high for what you get (imo)
    atmosphere is very casual (slightly on the dingy side)

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    1. re: barleywino

      Agreed. Prices are high, atmosphere is casual (but gets very busy, loud and crowded). I, personally, don't like the place - the food I've eaten there has been just okay and at those prices, that's unacceptable. I also find the place uncomfortable - too crowded and loud for me sometimes.

    2. 1. Prices are fine - my girlf and I usually get an appetizer & a main each. Plus drinks, it usually comes out to around $50 or so. Mains can go from $12-$30, if I remember right. We're always totally in love with the food and leave feeling full.

      2. "Dingy" seems like a strange word to use, I don't think I agree, unless you're comparing it to Canlis or something. If you've been in one of the 1920s-era Seattle homes with wood floors and old windows and cornices, that's what it feels like. Casual, but attractive.

      1. I'd describe the prices as reasonable ... entrees are generous and while I'm horrible with numbers I'd say no entree is more than 28-30. The cakes and other desserts (which are huge!) are great in a homespun sort of way as is the food. Nothing is a culinary marvel in the way of other loca-vore, tattooed chef restaurants popular now.

        I like to sit on the north side of the restaurant and even though it has a tunnel like feel over there it feels funkier and i think the vibe is better.

        I'll strongly disagree with barleywino about the atmosphere ... it is casual though hardly "very" and to me dingy implies dirty and it is most definately NOT. The northside is a bit dark (which I like) but it feels secret not oppressive.

        Hope that helps ...

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        1. re: oliveoyl

          I went there on a warm day and appreciated the lack of AC. Too many restaurants are unreasonably chilled into the 60 degree range. I'd also disagree with barleywino on "dingy", I think the place has a weathered look, but it is purposefully and tastefully accomplished, not a product of neglect.

          I also enjoy the food at Kingfish. However, I concur with barley that the prices are quite high for tarted-up soul food, certainly. Go to any decent place in New Orleans, for example, (or maybe even Catfish Corner in SEA) and order similar things, and your check will be remarkably less. This sort of unreasonable pricing for locally unique but not otherwise outstanding food is a common problem in Seattle.