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Aug 11, 2008 08:43 AM

One night/morning in Louisville, KY

Headed to Louisville, KY for the first time this coming weekend, and am hoping to find a few leads on places to eat in the downtown area. Not looking for anything gourmet or fancy, more interested in recommendations on restaurants that just serve good food.
Bars, dives, joints, greasy spoons and holes-in-the-walls are just fine by me. Want some authentic Louisville flavor, whatever that is. Thanks.

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  1. try the mayan cafe on east market street in the gallery district, proof in the lobby of 21c hotel at 7th and main....look for greasy spoons around the perimeter of churchill downs race track...downtown does not have too much to offer...stay away from 4th street live - except for the martinis and ribs at makers mark lounge...there is not real food there...great jazz bar at the seelbach hotel...but skip the restaurant