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Aug 11, 2008 08:43 AM

Catch 23 in Tampa?

Pops up on Zagat. But Zagat does not compare to CH feedback. Any thoughts?

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  1. I like it. We have been there several times and it was solid. I live in the area so we frequent quite a few of the bars and restaurants in the 2 neighboring villages. I like Bellisimo as well which is the Italian place right across the street.

    1. Had dinner there about 2 weeks ago, during the week (I think Thursday) our first time.

      We asked for a table outside, since the weather was nice that day.
      Not the cleanest outdoor tables in town, however, the inside looked nice.

      The service was different.
      If the hostess had not come to our aid, we would be having dinner across the street.
      We were seated, and no one bother to come by our table for about 15-20 minutes. I think the hostess sense something was wrong and she took the initiative to take care of us.
      She’s a keeper.

      The food was excellent, the sea bass and the grouper were done just right, the coconut rice was a bit sweet, but overall can’t complain.

      Maybe the outdoor vs. the indoor crowd is different, stick with the indoor seating.
      With the prices they charge, I expected a better outdoor atmosphere, more up-scale, with a little more elegance (there was none).

      We will go again.

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        It is nice inside. I have never eaten outside because every time we have gone it's been too HOT!

      2. I recommend it. The fish is fresh and the five sauces which you can choose from are interesting. They change the sauces periodically, so I can't promise that they will have these particular ones when you go. The mango/fruit salsa is good, as well as the Chinese-y soy/ginger combo, as well as more standard French sauces. (They also have an assortment of other fish on the menu, which are not part of the "we'll cook the fish the way you want it" and "pick the sauce you want" arrangement.

        My girlfriend always orders the mojo-marinated pulled Cuban pork appetizers on toasted Cuban bread. (Quite a lot of food for the price.) I also like the pecan encrusted rainbow trout. They also do a good mojito.

        Service is usually pretty decent. (I"ve never eaten outside, but I suspect that the poster above's problems stemmed from that fact.) The place is a bit noisy at times, especially early in the evening. Even at peak times, I have rarely had to wait.

        1. We were there on Saturday night, after moving in to our new place in Westchase, whew, I wasn't about to cook. I have no idea where my pots/pans/dishes are, my spice rack isn't hung up yet and i was wiped out. Anyway, back to Catch 23. We drove past and said OOOH let's go there. Place looks great, service was top notch, food was mmmmmmm good! I had the crab cake appetizer, very good, then chilean sea bass in garlic butter wow with coconut rice. house salad dressing was a citrus vinagrette i think (we've eaten out daily for the past week or so, some of the menus are "blending"); hmmmmmmm my HUSBAND (i love saying that) had the ribs in a great barbecue sauce i think it might have been guava...oh, wait...did he have some kind of cuban pork? i can't ask him, he's asleep on the couch. anyway i had the chimay and he had brooklyn ale. dessert he had the key lime pie (not puckery enough) and i had the cheesecake (good!).Espresso machine was acting up so we had to deal with plain coffee (which was great by the way). The bill came to just over $100.
          We totally enjoyed it and can't wait to go back. I'm a real seafood lover, he won't eat anything but shrimp or lobster, but both of us loved the place.

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          1. re: Manderley

            If you like Chimay you need to head over to World of Beer in the next complex over. We are regulars there ; )

            1. re: rhnault

              I have been hearing about that place, and we've just moved in right down the block! My guy's a biiiiiig beer fan, and we've been planning on going. We'll meet you there for sure! MMMMmmmm my mouth is watering. :)

          2. Many thanks to all who weighed in on Catch 23. We'll plan dinner there this week!