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New cafe in the Boloco space in Davis Square

Does anyone know the 411 on the new restaurant going into the Boloco/O'Natural's/Carberry's space in Davis Square? I saw something about "Green Tomatoes", but would love to know more. Thanks!

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  1. Hey gini -- I read in Davis Square Live Journal that it's a sandwich/wrap place that will also be doing breakfast burrito-type stuff. I hope they can make that space work. I understand that this is the only Boloco location that has failed.

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      And also a link to their website. The original Green Tomatoes is in Reading.


      1. I can confirm that they're open. I just walked by- some minor redecoration since Boloco (and O'Natural and Carberrys), a few people eating lunch. The set up is very cafeteria-appearing with hotel pans of hot food behind glass. The menu of what's available looks a little truncated compared to the website. Maybe they're ramping up slowly. I'll be interested to hear if anyone's actually eaten there...

        1. This place used to be the old Steve's Ice Cream joint (they knocked down the old building and put up this place when Carberry's bought the lot)...based on all the failure's that have come and gone in this space, I sure do miss Steve's. Great ice cream and atmosphere back in the day...

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            I wouldn't call Carberry's a failure, it was there a long time. In fact, I never understood what happened to it, just not as profitable as it once was? I know lots of people here don't like them, but I've always had good heath bar cookies and pressed sandwiches there.

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              I don't know if Carberry's changed hands or what, but they seemed to undergo a huge decline in quality. When they first opened I used to go out of my way to shop for breads at the Prospect Street shop, and I was mad for their breakfast things such as the hekla rolls and the scones. In recent years, I've found them pretty disappointing.

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                Carberry's used to have a whole wall of fresh breads, which I thought were excellent, and which debuted at a time when the Boston area was a bread wasteland. Now it seems like they hardly have any bread selection at all, although I haven't been since the Davis Square location closed.

          2. I knew about this place coming a little before the sign went up since I go to their Reading location regularly. Here is what I posted a little while ago. Let's hope they do well in Davis.


            1. So has anybody tried it yet? Just curious to read some opinions.

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                A few of my colleagues have gotten lunch from them over the past few days. I'm letting them be the guinea pigs, since I generally pack a lunch and convince myself that this makes it okay to spend money eating out for dinners...

                Anyways, the reports have been of about average food -- at least that's how I filter it through based on their tastes. One co-worker had a meatball sub which she said had two large meatballs, red sauce, no visible cheese. The value seems to be pretty good with sandwiches more at the $5-6 range than the $7-8 range which is becoming common in Davis. Another colleague had a veggie wrap of tomato, mozerella and basil for I think $4.50 ish. She again said it was "good" but no one has seemed to be awestruck. I haven't heard of anyone getting any of the dinner or pasta options. I'm not sure that the location will lend itself to that.

                Maybe I'll try it one of these days...

              2. Just had an eggplant parm sandwich from Green Tomatoes. It was about 8 inches long, on a white sub roll which I had them toast, and was three layers thick of breaded, fried eggplant with tomato sauce and cheese. For $4.95, I think it was an excellent value. They also offered me a cup of extra red sauce on the side, which was good for dunking. Overall, I would give this sandwich a "B+" for flavor and an "A" for value. The place was not very full at 1:30 pm- in fact, they had 6 staff and only 3 customers. I don't know how this bodes, but I think (based on one sandwich) that they offer good value for a low-budget lunch. They also had a lot of hot meal options- sort of cafeteria-looking food in hotel pans- mashed potatoes, veggies, slices of hot turkey meat etc.

                1. We've had their takeout for dinner a few times. It's mostly cafeteria/diner/comfort food from steam tables, with "saute specials" that are cooked to order and served with pasta. I've had stuffed peppers, ziti with meatballs, and a couple of the saute specials. My husband mostly sticks with the saute specials. (His one-word review: "buttery.") I'm reasonably happy with what I've had. It was all pretty decent. Not fancy. Not subtle. Not light. Portions are pretty large, too, so you have leftovers for lunch.

                  1. Hate to be pessimistic, but based on these reports, this place will not be around very long, especially give the failures of other prior ventures in this spot.


                    If you could do a chowhound intervention, what would you do to save this place or make it more viable?

                    I'll start - "Green tomatoes" needs a name change - Green tomatoes are unripe, hard, sour and according to some, toxic to eat! It might evoke "fried green tomatoes," but there is nothing on the menu from the sounds of it that invokes Southern cooking. How about "Green tomatillos" instead, with a theme of fresh Southwestern-infused cooking.