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Aug 11, 2008 08:14 AM

Dinner Tonight in Providence...or?

I'm looking for a dinner spot to take another foodie family tonight 8/11/08 in Providence. Most important: good ambiance for party of 7 (including 3 foodie young teens) & rez possible, not too crowded or noisy. Almost important: great food & value, a bit special but not too pricey, ethnic is great. And must be open on a Monday night.

We were planning to have them at our house for a day or two with fresh garden/local goods, including sour cherry pie, but they've been called back to DC early, so now we're meeting them as they travel from Hyannis to Providence tonight. Would actually consider anyplace from Bourne Bridge to Providence.

In Providence, we like but have ruled out Red Stripe for moule frites & Nick's on Broadway (too noisy &/or crowded for this), Blaze (not open Mon), La Laiterie, Apsara, Rue de l'Espoir (prefer for brunch), Pizza Pier (too caj). That leaves us with Trinity Brew Pub as a known candidate; don't know Union. Also thought about Rosie's or Cafe Adega in New Bedford, or Stir Crazy in Bourne (closed Mon).

Just discovered this board as I was researching this. Can any chowhounds help me out? Thanks so much.

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  1. I would strongly discourage you from going to Trinity. Their food is awful.

    I don't know if Thee Red Fez is open Mondays, but it would be a good bet if it is. New Rivers is one of the best places to eat in the city, but not a good value. El Rancho Grande in Olneyville would work well. Also, I don't love it, but Louie Fuller would fit the bill, and I know it's open Monday.

    1. Pane E Vino with 1/2 off wine on Monday nights might work.

      1. What about Indian? I think Not Just Snacks offers the best Indian in Providence but as it lacks ambiance, I would suggest India. Most of the dishes are more traditional but they have a few that have a modern twist.

        1. Thanks SO much. We went to Loie Fuller's and were very happy--beautiful interior, perfect setting for our rendezvous, and really nice food. I would have gone to Red Fez in a heartbeat, but it is closed on Sun and Mon, and seems like those are always days I'm in Providence. Also glad to know about other suggestions, esp Mon half price wine. Thanks again.