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Aug 11, 2008 08:14 AM

[HOU] Best Bahn Xeo-Bahn Cahn-Bahn Cuon [HOU]

Houston hounders I need your help! My wife and I will be travelling to Houston next month and would like to know which Vietnamese place in Houston has the best Bahn Xeo, Bahn Cahn and Bahn Cuon. I do understand that these are three different dishes and may not be had at one restaurant. I am willing to drive if I could get a general idea of who has what. - a blurb with Youtube video of the cooking of Bahn Xeo

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  1. I have enjoyed Bahn Xeo at a couple of places in the downtown Vietnamese area. Thanh An (sp) on Travis has a huge, falling off the platter sized one with generous fillings, and Van Loc on Milam has a good one. Thanh An has a typical lunch-type menu, quite limited, is fast-foody in appearance. They close every day in the afternoon, and I think on Sundays, too. Van Loc has a large menu, is open 'til all hours of the morning, and is actually quite nicely decorated and comfortable, dim lighting, and cocktails. Prices are good, though, and I always get the Bahn Xeo and Bo Luc Lac there. It can be inconsistent, but is usually great. There is a huge Vietnamese community in the southwest (bellaire blvd) area, but I live near downtown, so I frequent those most often. Good Luck!

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      Thanks for the reply and at least knowing what the dishes are!! I will have to check those out. It seems like Van Loc seems like the better of the two you mentioned. I have had a friend from Dallas say that the Bahn Xeo at Le Viet on Westheimer is good, if you are ever out that way!

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        people rave about the banh xeo at thien an in midtown on travis. i had it there once and it was dry and didn't have enough stuffing in it. may have been an off day. thien an closes at 6pm every day and is closed all day sat. it's my favorite place for pho, but they don't have banh cuon.

        i've written off van loc. i'll go to mai's down the street before van loc but alas mai's doesn't carry banh xeo anymore. they had it on the menu years ago.

        the banh xeo at le viet has received raves by the houston press. i haven't actually been there myself as it's billed as an anglo-friendly vietnamese place. here is the article:

        que huong is known as an authentic vietnamese diner and the owner's son owns le viet. i've been dying to try this place myself and plan to do so next week after HRW. can't tell you if they have banh xeo and banh cuon on the menu, but i'll bet that they do:

        lastly, hue(named after a province in vietnam) a modern, trendy vietnamese restaurant opened recently inside the loop. they do actually have both dishes but the banh xeo is tiny but very good. haven't ordered the banh cuon b/c i prefer the chinese version of the dish.

        i have a couple reviews of hue including photos on my blog: