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Aug 11, 2008 08:03 AM

New Menu At Cheesecake Factory

Just curious if anyone has tried the new menu at CF. I see they are offering a hot turkey supreme- which is an open faced turkey sandwich on grilled brioche with spinach, white cheddar cheese sauce, grilled tomato and bacon! Yum it sounds awesome. Has anyone tried it yet? Basically sounds like a Kentucky hot brown with spinach. Grand Lux, their sister restaurant is also offering a Kentucky hot brown.

The only thing is they top it with a cheddar cheese SAUCE. I am more partial to ooey gooey melted cheese rather than sauce. Is this the case for these two sandwiches or is it actually melted cheese?

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  1. New menu eh? Does it still have as many pages as a Michener novel?

    1. I have no idea which it is--and I wouldn't expect "authenticity" from CH, but the original hot brown was made with a Mornay sauce:

      1. I actually had the hot brown @ Grand Lux in PHX this past weekend - the cheese sauce was really salty; it did not contain spinach. The turkey was sliced thick and the bacon was nicely crisped which was a surprise. I also tried the short rib grilled cheese (is this on the new CF menu?) which was actually quite good (although not cheap, I want to say about $14).

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          Was the sauce soupy or like melted cheese?

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            As Emm pointed out, the real sauce for a hot brown is mornay - I would say it was something close to a mornay, but overly salted and with too much cheese incorporated in it (as it cooled, it almost seemed to separate a little). So if you just liked melted cheese vs. a cheese sauce, you're probably going to have to specifically request that.

        2. None of their new dishes actually sounded good to me, except maybe their chicken chili.

          1. A classic hot brown is an open faced sandwich on thick bread with turkey, tomato, bacon, mornay sauce, and melted cheddar cheese.