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Aug 11, 2008 07:46 AM

Our 10th Anniversary in September: Not OIBLTIBS

I want a special dinner for our 10th wedding anniversay. I'm thinking River Cafe over in Brooklyn, or possibly Jean-Georges.

My wife was wondering about The Terrace up at Columbia - not sure about that.

We really want a quiet romantic experience, with very good food -something that is certainly worth the expense. Chanterelle?

Something off-the-beaten path would be certainly fine - we're getting away from the kids for a night, so we just want it to be special.

Looking at mid-September.

Thanks so much, Chowhounders!

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  1. You seem to be talking about several very, very different restaurants. I happen to live in the same building as Terrace in the Sky--to be honest it's more of a tacky bar mitzvah place in my opinion w/ expensive, not so impressive food--I've had to go there for university sponsored events. If you want the dining w/ a view with better (but still not amazing food) I would go w/ The river Cafe. However, Jean-Georges would probably be the best of the bunch (or Chanterelle which is great as well but a little more traditional if that is more your taste) w/ a beautiful ambiance and truly one of a kind food. It would definitely be a change of pace from being home with the kids.

    In the same line, you might want to look up 11 madison park (again a beautiful space, very elegant and top notch food). Or maybe Gramercy Tavern (again more traditional, new american but again great elegant, if at little more casual ambiance). But if you want to get into these places in mid-september you should probably make a reservation soon (starting one month in advance) b/c the prime dinner times (depending on the day of the week, obviously a weekend will be much harder) will book up fast (though at least it's only 2 people).