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Aug 11, 2008 07:18 AM

Fried Clams in Belfast Area

Can't seem to find any rec's for fried clams near Belfast Maine. Perfer 'shack' style if nearby, but really it's all about the clam, so any dining style is fine. I saw Young's, but seems they only do lobster/steamers/chowder which I may reserve for lunch another day. We are staying a bit inland from Belfast in China Village.

Any pointers toward the right direction appreciated.

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  1. Red Barn is a shack on Route 201 in Augusta, not far from China Village. In Fairfield, about 20 mins from China village (route 201 but in the other direction), there's Belangers Drive-In with decent fried seafood. The Lobster Trap, in Winslow, is only 10 minutes from China village and though I've never eaten there, Paul Newman reportedly chose it on many an evening during the filming of "Empire Falls".

    Near Belfast, a bit further north in Searsport, Anglers is a casual restaurant that does a good job with fried seafood and with Lobster dinners.

    Don't miss the homemade Ice Cream at John's, Route 3 between China and Belfast...worth the drive even if it's just for an ice cream cone!

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      I'm not sure I would recommend the Lobster Trap in Winslow: pretty ordinary prep of fried sea food in my experience. But not far from Belfast, in yet another direction (just a ways up Rt 1), lots of 'Hounds have recommended "Just Barb's" in Stockton Springs for just what you want. Haven't eaten there myself.

    2. Either Angler's in Searsport or Just Barb's in Stockton Springs, both about 15-20 minutes north of Belfast on Route 1.

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      1. I had heard about Just Barb's. Might try there and also the Lobster Trap because we pass it when we go to get the farm stand near there. Also saw The Red Barn on the way in and I wondered about it. Maybe try all 3!

        Thanks all- this helps out a lot in my quest. I'll report back.