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Aug 11, 2008 07:08 AM

Local Fresh Fish

I went to my fish monger last month and looked for some fresh fish.
All he had was yellow tail snapper.
He told me that it's much cheaper to buy from Mexico than to buy from the local fisherman.... those that are left.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Palm Beach Post ran an article about the dangers of eating fresh grouper because of the ciguatera - a marine toxin that can make consumers violently ill.
link to article:::

I miss fresh dolphin and fresh grouper.
Please, any suggestions?

South Broward area.

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  1. Try this thread:

    or you could also check out the Florida Seafood web site ( Try the "Where can I buy Florida Seafood" link.

    1. I believe that's only a danger in the summertime when it blooms.

      1. The summer threat is Red Tide... not related to ciguatera at all. I lived for two years on a Pacific atoll where ciguatera was real concern. Basic technique is never buy/eat a fish larger than 4-5 pounds. The poison is cumulative and BIG, OLD fish higher up on the food chain amass a level of poison that certainly can send you to the hospital.

        Don't give up your fish; just don't buy or eat big ones. Small grouper, hogfish, etc are perfectly safe.