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Aug 11, 2008 06:26 AM

Momo's Bistro, Columbia, SC

I'm interested in getting people's impressions of this place. Food, service, atmosphere? More desirable alternatives? Thanks very much.

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  1. Yuck. It's overpriced and overpretentious and I would say the food is so-so at best. I would go just about anyplace else. Motor Supply, Garibaldi's, Mr. Friendly's, Gervais & Vine ...

    1. Ambitious menu, reasonably well executed. Not likely to appeal to the typical ham and grits crowd, fortunately as too often new restaurants start with a unique offering and quickly migrate to the "same old thing available elsewhere in Columbia." Definately pricy. But if you want something more often found in Atlanta, Washington DC, or other large cities - give it a try. As good as Motor Supply, imaginative like Gervais & Vine but a distinctly different thing. 8 black ties out of 10

      1. I just went to Columbia last week and Motor Supply Co was stellar, we ate there both nights. I also had lunch at Mr. Friendly's, it was good food and service. Service was top notch at both places.

        1. Hampton Street Vineyard is by far and away the best restaurant in Columbia. The wine list is at the top of Wine Spectator's ratings every year.

          1. I wouldnt go as far as atruebluedevil to say it's overpriced. It's pretty much on par with Columbia. MoMo's is a very consistent place. I think it's one of the better places in Columbia with well cooked and executed cuisine. As far as other places in Columbia go, if you don't go to Gervais and Vine go here. Save Motor Supply for lunch. Best in the city.