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Aug 11, 2008 05:36 AM

food on the Cape

My wife and I are coming to the Cape the week after Labor Day and would like some food suggestions. We are staying in Sandwich, Martha's Vineyard and Provincetown. Need my morning bagel, and then as many lobster rolls as we can get. Suggestions? Our last night will be in Boston and we would love to go somewhere in the North End.

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    1. I like Antico Forno on Salem Street in North End, always pleases everyone, and a rare good value in North End. Soak up the scene on Hanover St, but don't eat there, I'd say. Caffe Vittoria on Hanover, however, is a fun place to get espresso, but get your cannoli at Maria's, which faces the park being made from the Big Dig. Also like Monica's Trattoria on Prince St near Salem, funky decor, small, but one of few places that makes its own pasta. If you want to take some stuff home, get there before 5 and hit the Salumeria Italiano (love the salami & pistacchio mortadella) on Richmond St and Dairy Fresh Candy on Salem St. for fudge and other foods.

      On the Cape, I like the Dunbar Tea Room in Sandwich, but just for tea and desserts; meals are not good value & service is slow. Definitely get at least one cream tea with scones. Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans is great for coffee, sweets, and light meals.

      Also like Stir Crazy in Bourne, Cambodian. I've enjoyed lobster rolls at Maurice's store on Route 6 in Eastham. I live near Cape and have found most of sit-down restaurants on Cape overpriced and crowded during tourist season, so we usually hit the sweets spots and picnic or cook for ourselves on Cape.

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        P.S. Great for brunch, especially french toast: Bonatt's Restaurant Inc 537 Main St, Harwich Port, MA

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          Thanks for the suggestions--we LOVED Monica's Trattoria and you were dead on about Dunbar Tea Room.

        2. My fav area to dine is the North End. Love Mamma Maria's and Antica Forno as well. Neptune is pretty amazing. We love Gelatto around the corner from Antica Forno. Also love Lucca and Rabia. Too many choices.

          1. on the vineyard try beetlebung coffee shop in vineyard haven...across from cumberland's just up from the ferry...or there are great bagels at the end of the main street in vineyard haven ...the black dog really had great baked goods too...if you are catching the ferry in woods hole and have some time to kill...try lunch at fishmongers cafe right on the wharf...for lobster rolls there are several fantastic fish markets in menemsha on the docks that are the real deal!!...enjoy!!!

            1. I just came back from Martha's Vineyard, we had a terrific, elegant meal at Simple Life in Oak Bluffs. The next day, we had delicious fried clam bellies at the Sea Shanty(not sure of name) in Edgartown. Lobster Rolls were disappointing in Menemsha (they don't make them fresh). We have a house on Cape Cod, love Marathon for lobster rolls and fried clams. Believe it or not, the Lobster Pot in Provincetown is great for steamed lobster, etc. There are other more elegant restaurants, but I have not been to any of them in a while. Check out Seafood Sam's in Sandwich.

              As for Boston, my husband and I discovered this great "italian-peruvian" restaurant in the North End - Taranta. Excellent!