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Aug 11, 2008 04:42 AM

Review: Per Lei

Visited Per Lei on the Upper East Side, 71st and 2nd, for the first time Sunday night and was truly impressed.

It's a great looking spot, very airy and white. Live jazz playing and cool decor. I really liked the overall vibe and the service was good.

While we perused the menu, we received some bread with a delicious dip that I believe was sundried tomatoes and was absolutely fabulous. I could have made a dinner of that alone.

We tried the cocoa pappardelle with duck confit, which was so so good. The duck was shredded very fine and the pasta was cooked perfectly. I had the Paccheri Bolognese which was also perfect. Two of the best pasta dishes I've had outside Italy for sure. He had the sliced NY strip with broccoli rabe and some potatoes, which he enjoyed.

Desserts were also really good. My favorite was the vanilla crepes filled with Nutella and served with strawberry ice cream. We also had the chocolate lava cake, which was very good, but the crepes blew this away.

We had some wine and dessert wine and espresso and had a really great night overall. We'll definitely be back soon.

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  1. Wow, am I surprised. I live directly across the street and have tried this place a number of times. Putting aside the Eurotrash decor and Eurotrash "scene" inside and outside (complete with thump-thump-thump-thump horrible music), this restaurant is completely form over substance. Service is completely inept, as they seem to hire based on looks and not experience or ability. I so much wanted to like this place, as there is so much mediocrity on the Upper East Side, but I can't wait until the inevitable and this place goes out of business.

    1. The original comment has been removed