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Aug 10, 2008 11:33 PM

What's the name of Korean Restaurant in South San Francisco with all-you-can-eat small dishes?

A friend was telling me that there is a family-owned Korean restaurant in South San Francisco, near Grand Avenue that has all-you-can-eat small dishes with your entree during the week day. He said that the restaurant replaced the popular sandwich place with submarine sandwiches with the fresh garlic spread. Anybody heard of such a place?

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  1. I'm guessing Mom's Tofu house since they have a self-serve banchan bar and the location seems right.

    Mom's Tofu House
    217 Grand Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080

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        You are welcome. Hope you report back when you try it.

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          I finally went with a couple of my friends. All of them took the combination plate (either noodles, spicy pork (not very spicy), beef, ribs, or fish) for $8.99/ two items from up near the cash register. Strangely they don't advertise the combo plate. It comes with soup, rice and potstickers (of course the free banchan bar). My friend found the items not very spicy, because she is from Malaysia. She can really eat hot and spicy food. After eating from banchan bar, I was already full. I ordered the seafood tofu, medium. It was just okay with a few squids, one shrimp. The price is right and plenty of parking.

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            What did they have at the panchan bar? Any standouts?

    1. Note that there's nothing unusual about free refills on the panchan, just about every Korean restaurant will do that. Sometime you have to ask.

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        what is that vermacelli like noodle that comes with the combo called?
        I'd like to make that

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            Perhaps you can meet Cicely on the recipe board. The japchae at the Chowhound picnic was a hit.