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Aug 10, 2008 11:03 PM

Need a great seafood market near Boothbay, ME

Im going to be near Boothbay for about a week and am looking for a great seafood market where i can get some Maine shrimp, crabs and other local seafood. I will be travelling to Wiscasset (sp?), Camden, Pemaquid, Damariscotta and other nearby places, so if there are any place of note there, i would love to hear about them. thanks

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  1. Good luck finding good, local fresh seafood in BB! Please let us know if/when you do. Time was when there were a few people around who would sell you crab from their basement but I'm not aware of these sorts any longer.

    From BB I asked around recently and always received the same: Simpson's on Rte 1 near the junction with 27 -- it's south of it I *think*. I went there once a few years back after the fish market here closed and wasn't impressed, but I could have been having a bad day. I hear near-universal acclaim to its goods from others. Worth checking out if/when you're off the peninsula.

    Near Damariscotta, on the Newcastle-side of the bridge is a place that farms oysters. Blanking on their name. The oysters are very yummy and have recently become well-marketed for high prices in far-flung places. You can just stop into their shack next door to the house and pick them up on a coffee-can trust system. It's really nice. It's on the river side of River Road.

    At the bridge to Barter's Island near BB is a commercial fish company. Few years back they'd sell me stuff fresh from the boat -- sometimes. They had to be in a good mood. I don't think they have a retail license? No, that can't be right; I think they're not licensed as a retail shop, probably, which probably requires health dept inspections, etc. I'm just guessing but I could tell they weren't overwhelmingly comfortable selling the fish and then they sort of stopped or I did or something; can't remember...

    *Sometimes* the Hannaford has good stuff. I just got a whole mess of hake which was absolutely terrific. I didn't ask where it was from but it wasn't frozen. I don't usually ask ont he presumption that that way I won't have to listen to nonsense. But people around here say that the guy at Hannaford's does try to buy locally and the stuff sometimes that's just me; I don't ask because it makes me feel, well, "fishy". I just look. That's the best way I think; have the courage of your convictions to simply walk away from it if it's not looking fresh!

    At Robinson's wharf on Southport island they've opened a fish market. Their stuff looked fresh the other day, just pricey. And for some reason I'm kinda boycotting them -- just me. I don't boycott them for picked crabmeat and picked lobster. I got 3# of crabmeat the other day and it was just delicious -- made a giant batch of crabcakes. Man were they good! That's definitely fresh; call them around 9 am and order what you want -- the guy will call over his shoulder: "what time can you have #3 of crabmeat picked by"? ...and in you go for it. It's not cheap, $18/lb (for crabmeat!), but I'm sure not about to pick it myself, so.... That used to be the cost of picked lobster meat; I hadn't the heart to ask its cost this year! But they pick that there fresh every day too and will make whatever size you want. Probably they'll weigh out fractions of a pound too, I just haven't tested those waters.

    Please, please, please do post back here if you find anything else out. This has been the 64K question for me for years!!!

    1. Simpson's, on Route 1, a few miles south of downtown Wiscasset (It's next to Shaw's supermarket) is very good. Maine shrimp are out of season, but Simpson's has them frozen, and I buy there regularly. Always good. Family owned and operated--you'll see a few generations behind the counter. If you don't see what you want, ask.

      I sometimes shop at the fish market in Damariscotta, too (downtown side of the Newcastle bridge). But parking is such a pain there and prices seem higher.

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        Hi Mainegal -- Is Shaw's in the old Aimes, please? I'm going to try to go to Simpson's tomorrow. Everytime I *look* for the place I can't find it, and then when I'm not -- there it is, only then I forget next time.....*sigh*. Thanks for the hint, and more if you have them. Surely even I can't miss Shaw's?

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          Yes, Shaws's is in the old Ames, across from the half-empty shopping plaza where Yellowfront was before Shaw's. Simpson's is the next building south of Shaw's.

          It's all just south of the big Irving and the overgrown former Getty. Simpson's usually, but not always, has an open flag waving off its big sign, which usually says home of "super fresh fish" or some variation on that.

      2. Its crazy that in a place with such seafood, there are no good fishmongers. I dont get it.