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Aug 10, 2008 11:00 PM

Smoky, Tender and So Delicious! - Porky's BBQ and Golden Bird [Review] w/ Pics!

(Formatted with All Pictures here:


Inspired by all the recent talk on Chowhound regarding American BBQ, I decided to start catching up on my backlog of BBQ restaurants around L.A. that I had never visited yet. The first BBQ restaurant on my backlogged list was Porky's BBQ on Manchester, which was also home to Golden Bird in the same location. Thanks to strong recommendations from nosh and many others on CH, my excitement grew as we pulled into the parking lot near The Forum.

Porky's BBQ looks like it took over a fast food restaurant location from the outside. Stepping inside, it was a simple, order-at-the-counter operation, but it had some nice, quaint decor of Americana artifacts strung along the walls and even across the ceiling(!).

They had a few stain-glass signs stating that they cooked their BBQ "Kansas City Style." We could smell the fragrant hickory smoke as we were pulling in as well, which is always a good thing.

The unique thing about this location is that it is not only the home of Porky's BBQ, but also offers the full menu from Golden Bird, which specializes in Fried Chicken since 1953. We placed our order for items across both menus and anxiously awaited our food. :)

All of our items arrived at the same time and looked wonderful. The Pulled Pork Sandwich was a monster of a meal, and an absolute bargain at $7.99 (with a choice of one side item). The Pulled Pork Shoulder had a real, honest hickory smokiness and it was *so* tender and moist! Porky's served all our items with the Barbecue Sauce on the side, and even without the sauce, the Pulled Pork was the best Pulled Pork Sandwich I've had in L.A. (Jaybee's is a close second, but given the nicer dining area and other items being superior, the choice is easy :). There were a few dried "ends" but ~90% of the Pulled Pork was tender and moist. Their BBQ Sauce was also really nice, adding a sweetness, savoriness, and just enough spice to elevate this to another level! And it worked beautifully with their homemade coleslaw and toasted buns.

We chose a side of their "Dirty Dirty Rice," which didn't disappoint either: It was a touch too salty for me, but still very flavorful. Porky's uses a combination of Beef and Pork in their Dirty Dirty Rice, and it was great as a free side item with the sandwich. No complaints. :)

We ordered the Golden Bird's 2 Pieces of Chicken and Biscuit to sample the much-talked about Fried Chicken. I found the batter on the outside of the Chicken to be too salty, but the Chicken inside was so moist and juicy! The Biscuit was a tad too dense for my tastes, but nice in that it tasted freshly made. Overall it was simple, home-style cooking, and for $2.94, we weren't complaining! :)

Finally, my favorite type of BBQ arrived: The "Tender Pork Ribs" Lunch Plate. These were St. Louis-style Spareribs, and it looked and smelled absolutely delicious. Like the Pulled Pork, Porky's served the Pork Ribs with the BBQ Sauce on the side.

Taking a bite of the BBQ Pork Ribs, the first thought that entered my mind was that it just tasted *fresh* (as if it was made this morning, not sitting around and reheated later). Reading the back of the menu, Porky's BBQ proudly proclaims that they'd rather sell out each day, than have food left over at the end of the night, and that there's *no* boiled or baked meat served here, and it showed. The St. Louis-style Ribs had a nice smoke ring, and a great, genuine hickory smoked flavor in each bite, even without sauce. While I prefer Baby Blues' dry rub on their Ribs more than Porky's, with the addition of the BBQ Sauce, this was some amazing, rustic, down-to-earth Barbecue! It was perfectly cooked as well, each bite having a good tenderness, but not dried out, nor stringy. Excellent!

It was also served with a complimentary side of Texas Toast (good, simple, and huge!), and 1 side item, which we chose Macaroni & Cheese. Their Mac & Cheese was decent, but nothing special. It was probably the only average item we had today.

Despite it being a "fast food" style restaurant where you ordered at the counter, all the employees were really nice and friendly. The total came out to be ~$12 per person (including tax and tip), and we had leftovers.

Good Barbecue can be tough to find around L.A. Perhaps the biggest Achilles' Heel has been the lack of Consistency for most places: One day you might get Ribs that've just come out of the smoker and are perfect. Another day, the Ribs have been sitting around too long (or reheated). It remains to be seen if Porky's BBQ can maintain the Consistency, but for our visit today, the Pulled Pork Shoulder and St. Louis-style Pork Ribs were the embodiment of tender, hickory smoked perfection! The Golden Bird's Fried Chicken was also juicy, if a bit salty, but for a one-stop restaurant that serves great BBQ and some good Fried Chicken at a great price? Look no further than Porky's BBQ and Golden Bird on Manchester Boulevard.

*** Rating: 8.4 (out of 10.0) ***

Porky's BBQ and Golden Bird
801 E. Manchester Blvd.
Inglewood, CA 90301
Tel: (310) 671-2900

Hours: Sun - Thurs, 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Fri - Sat, 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

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  1. Adding Place Link.

    Porky's BBQ
    801 E Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301

    1. Thanks for sharing the review and pics! Porky's has been on my list of places to check out for a while.

      The pics of the pork ribs were my fav and are definitely on my must try list.

      I'm also a sucker for fried chicken but based on your description and the pics I dont think that the Golden Bird will surpass the old Pioneer Chicken chain as my favorite in that category (even though I'm aware of how greasy Pioneer is and how big a turn off is for a lot of 'hounds)

      The pulled pork looks promising, I'm hoping it compares favorably to my current favorite which is served by Baby Blues BBQ in Venice.

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      1. re: RacerX

        Hi RacerX,

        Thanks. :) I also enjoyed the Pulled Pork at Baby Blues as well (especially the interesting bun and condiments attached to the sandwich version). But the one I had at Jaybee's was better, and I enjoyed the simplicity and tender goodness of the one I had at Porky's over Jaybee's. :) Again, I hope that Porky's can maintain a high level of consistency, which would make it a favorite of mine at that point, along with Baby Blues, depending on which part of town I'm in. :)

        1. re: exilekiss

          Do you think the sauce had smoke flavoring in it? I am allegic and have a difficult time finding sauce without.

          1. re: JEN10

            Hi Jen,

            I just called up Porky's and they said their sauce does have smoke flavoring in it, sorry. If you enjoy BBQ without the sauce (just the dry rub, original seasonings, etc.), I thought the Pulled Pork Sandwich with the toasted buns and homemade Coleslaw was nice even without the sauce (but the sauce definitely elevated it).

            1. re: exilekiss

              DARN IT!!! I get so frustrated with this smoke flavor allergy. They even put in it chips. I forgot to look today and purchased a bag of chips, got home and low and behold smoke flavoring. Well I guess I will just have to keep doing my own. Thank you for checking, that was really nice of you!!!

          2. re: exilekiss

            Wow, both Porky's and Jaybee's pulled pork rate higher than Baby Blues? I will have to check both out!

            BTW, are the sauces at either Porky's or Jaybee comparable to Baby Blues? I really dug the vinegar based sauce and the Triple X hot sauce at Baby Blues

            1. re: RacerX

              Porky's does offer three choices of sauce: their regular, the "Bubba" which is spicier, and a very hot sauce. I've enjoyed the Bubba the most. They are served in little side containers, and the regular is the default, rather than in large squirt bottles on the table like Baby Blues.

          3. re: RacerX

            RacerX, Golden Bird is in the same style at the old Pioneer Chicken crust-wise, but I think GB is better plus they manage to keep the meat really moist and tender. You owe it to yourself to make the ultimate comparison! I think Porky's is wonderful.

            1. re: monkuboy

              Thanks for clarifyng monkuboy.

              I've made the trek over to the few Pioneer Chicken locations left, (one near downtown on Sunset, and one in Echo Park) from the valley on several occasions once I found out on this board that they were still around.

              I will definitely check out Golden Bird's version with an open mind, and empty stomach!

          4. oh damn looks like I have to stop here now. You are srsly the worst thing to ever happen to my wallet + waistline.

            But my tastebuds thank you.

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            1. re: ns1

              Hi ns1,

              Thanks. :) Hope you like it; I can't wait to go back.

            2. Exile -- What a pleasure waking up and finding your excellent review of one of my very favorite places. I love Porky's -- for the food and the value, but also for the warmth and friendliness of their people, from the co-owner Vera (who now runs their Long Beach branch) to the cooks and order-takers and even those who deliver the food and clean the tables. My goodness, when the place isn't crowded they usually ask what I'd like to watch on their flatscreens.

              I agree that the thing to order there is the pulled pork sandwich. (At $7.99 with a side, it appears to have perhaps gone up a buck.) I have never been able to finish one at a single sitting, and it is indeed the perfect combination of tender, moist, smoky, with charred crispy bits adding textural and flavor contrast. And the little things -- the nice toast on the buttered bun.

              Their St. Louis style spareribs are great -- better than the baby backs we got when I neglected to specify one visit. Beef ribs were huge but they just aren't my cup of tea. I recently got turned on to their brisket -- I admit that it didn't appeal when I'd see it passing by to other patrons, it looked too dark and I feared it would be dry. But it was a fantastic surprise -- moist, tender, delicious. I still need to try their links -- I've seen huge orders go by on their sizzling platters and looked longingly at their recipients as I've waited for my food, but so far nobody has offered me a taste.

              I have actually volunteered to drop friends off at the airport so I'd have an excuse to stop into Porky's on the way back. And portions are big and prices very reasonable compared to most local BBQ. The place and the bathrooms are clean, the restaurant is safe (they've made fans of the local police), and they offer drive-thru and delivery, though I prefer to eat in. And no, I have no financial interest in the enterprise other than my craving for the food. Porky's, located on the north side of Manchester, a few blocks east of La Brea, just west and across the street from the Forum.

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              1. re: nosh

                Hi nosh,

                Thanks. (^_^) And thank *you* for the great recommendation! It was thanks to your strong recommendation (a few times on the boards) that I finally had to go visit this past weekend. :)

                That's really funny (and smart) about the volunteering to drop friends off at the airport. :) I'll have to try their Brisket next time, per your recommendation. Thanks!

              2. Thanks so much for the great review! I've mentioned how much I loved porky's in the pasts, but only just recently had a chance to post up some pictures of what we got (Pretty much what you did... but we went in a different direction on the ribs)

                Someone asked about the pulled pork here versus baby blues... I LOVE baby blues, but Porkys beats them hand down in flavor and even in how tender it was...


                I had Boneyard Bistro's this past weekend and I was very close, but I still like Porky's better... And nosh is right, the sandwich is a great deal!


                For our sides we ordered the BBQ Beans and the Mac N Cheese... The beans were very nice, still whole but tender. The stand out was the Mac N Cheese... CREAMY (Even fossies is kinda dry) and full of cheese flavor. One of my favorite versions in town...

                We tried a few pieces of the golden bird... Not as good as flossies, but that batter was just SO crunchy! YUM! Oddly enough though, I did not find it overly salty.... and I'm pretty darn sensitive to salt...


                As I mentioned, we didn't order ribs, but BBQ chicken instead. The Chicken was okay, not as tender and juicy as I'd like... but I think where porkys REALLY shines is in it's sauce... even saw dust in that sauce would taste good...


                As I mentioned before, we greatly enjoyed our dinner at Boneyard and we Enjoy Baby Blues as well... but for the money and taste... It's still Porky's on top...


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                1. re: Dommy

                  Hi Dommy!,

                  Thanks for your delicious-sounding report. :)

                  The Golden Bird Fried Chicken: I think the 2 pieces we got might've just been a fluke then (getting perfectly even distribution of salt across all pieces of chicken isn't expected). I'm more than willing to try some more of the Fried Chicken next time I visit. :)

                  Thanks for the report on the BBQ Chicken, it's unfortunate, but all the more reason for me to order more Pulled Pork and BBQ Pork Ribs again for next time (and the Brisket). (^_~)