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Chicken Roll

I doubt there are five people in L.A. that will know what I'm talking about, but you never know...

When I was growing up back east we always used to have a luncheon meat in the refrigerator called Weaver Chicken Roll. It sort of resembled bologna, only it was made from chopped and pressed chicken. I don't think they make it anymore, but maybe another company makes something similar.

If anyone's seen this anywhere in L.A. I'd happily drive an hour for this shot of my childhood.

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  1. There's a whole gamut of different turkey and chicken "cold cuts/lunch meat" products available at any grocery store in LA with a decent service deli. SuperKing on San Fernando must have more than a dozen, mostly at bargain prices; simply a matter of figuring out which one is closest to what you remember...

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      Although I appreciate the reply, this doesn't really help me. I've lived in L.A. for the last ten years and I've yet to come across any supermarket or deli that had anything even remotely similar to what I had growing up.

      Chicken Roll is not sliced chicken breast, it's more like a round chicken loaf. It probably contained all the nasty bits that were left over after they cut away the good stuff for "expensive" packaged sliced chicken breast, plus some gelatin, a good amount of fat and probably a filler of some kind. Doesn't that sound tasty?

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        What they have at Super king is not chicken breast, but bolognes, that are russian and german, that being siad, i do not know if they make a chicken one, check it out, the place is very cool. Call Huntington Meats in the Farmer's market, they sometimes carry very regional meats, they have Taylor Ham rolls, tasso from Loisiana and other things from around the country. They also make their own andouille, some of the best I have ever had.

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          That's why I suggested SuperKing; they tend to have some more interestingly "budget-minded" items than say, Farmers' Market, Gelson's or Whole Foods. They've got an assortment of things that are more or less "lunch-meat like", made from poultry, (i.e., NOT organic low-sodium no-nitrate free-range chicken breast). . . . and, BTW, if they're not too busy, and you ask nicely, some of the deli ladies there will shave you off a little sample slice of two or three different things to compare 'em.

          This "Weaver" product: was the texture really baloney-like (in the classic kids' lunch-box sense?) What color was it? (really pinky tones suggest nitrate content) Was it "smoked", or peppered, or anything like that?

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            It was White and the shape of but a little bigger than Salami. It was salty and a bit on the dry side not slimy like preformed turkey. Weaver stopped making it but apparently someone on the East coast took up the slack.


            Take Care

            - P.

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              It was definitely not like bologna in any way other than the general shape. Chicken Roll was white like other chicken products, and it wasn't peppered or smoked and the seasonings were not very distinct beyond a slight saltiness. Imagine blending up bits of white meat, dark meat, fat, chicken broth, gelatin, etc, and then pressing it into a bologna shaped mold. It had a bit a of a mushy consistency and it always seemed a little slimy (from the fat I guess), but it had for very intensely chickeny flavor that worked really great on white bread with Miracle Whip.

              I know, it sounds like a foodies worst nightmare, but when you're a child it's tough to get your parents to shell out the gelt for fois gras (which is mushy and slimy too I might add).

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                I remember chicken roll - in school (Queens, NY) other kids would bring it in sandwiches and I was always envious because my mother made my sandwiches with real chicken (which I, as a kid, found less desirable).

                "Intensely chickeny" is how I remember it too.

                Jon's Market might be another place to try. They have lots of processed-looking cold cuts. Maybe they would have a decent substitute.

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                  I think we must have had the same mother. Clearly there were two groups of kids in the lunch room, the Chicken Roll, chips and a Twinkie crowd and the sliced chicken breast, carrot sticks and an apple crowd. Sadly, I ate a lot of carrots and apples. So now I'm trying to reclaim the lost junk food of my youth.

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                    I am from PA, and I remember Weaver Chicken Roll. Like previous responses its not the healthiest meal but it was good!! I bought some other brand of chicken roll this week and it was terrible.. Have you had any luck finding the co. that has taken over the recipe??

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                Please tell me when the deli counter at Super King is not busy, because I would like to go then. I've never noticed chicken products in their deli section.

          2. I loved the Chicken Roll as a kid and had been in search of it for some time. Sadly, the company that made it no longer exists. The Weaver name is still around, but they only produce frozed chicken products under that name now. You can go to their web site and look at the products they offer. In the mean time, no one else has picked up the recipe.

            1. I grew up in the Philadelphia area and still have not been able to find any info on my Beloved Childhood friend, Chicken Roll. Just wondering if you or anyone has any luck in locating who still makes it? Would love to know.

              1. I LOVE that stuff. I am from Montreal and we had the same thing we called it simili-poulet(simulated chicken, appetizing yes?).
                I know they still sell it up there, but here in the States i have never found it or the equivalent of it on either coast.
                But i did find a close relative. Rotisserie Chicken sliced deli meat from Albertsons.
                It doesn't look the same but tastes exactly like it.
                *happy dance*

                Rotisserie Chicken Cafe
                3537 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Lynwood, CA 90262

                1. At Mediterranean/Halal markets, chicken rolls and veal rolls are on the shelf along with pseudo-SPAM/meat in cans.

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                  1. Where do you think they can order this for me in Orange County? Albertsons? This Jersey Girl needs her childhood friend back!

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                      Sadly, Chicken Roll doesn't exist anymore, at least not the chicken roll your recall from your youth. The product referred to above by Cathy, is something very different. The chicken roll you're thinking of was a deli product made by Weaver, which is owned by Tyson Foods, but it hasn't been made in many years.

                      1. re: creamfinger

                        @creamfinger - Weaver started making Chicken Roll again based on feedback on its Facebook page. "Weaver Chicken Roll is Back" Currently being shipped to the northeastern reigon of the United States. If your retailer is not currently ordering the product ask them to. UPC Bar code is #900-1120-00039 7. Retailers currently ordering are , Wakefern, BoyersWeis, Supervalue east, Shaws, Olean, Jmills,Giant/Eagle, A&P, Wal-Mart, Big M and Bozzutos"

                        1. re: PCE60605

                          That's very interesting news. It's still not listed on their website anywhere. Where did you here this? Do you know if it will be packaged or only available at the deli counter?

                          Incidentally, I live in the northeastern reigon of the United States and I've never heard of any of the retailers you listed except for Wal-Mart of course, and A&P which is largely out of business.

                          1. re: creamfinger

                            I called Tyson and yes, you can get it from those retailers. if you live in the north east. however im out of luck here in the south east untill it takes off up there. but i am going to ask all my walmarts in this location to order it . Gosh what we will do for a taste of the past !!!!! im origanly from NY and ate it often on a hard roll with mayo salt and peper !! LOL

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                              Folks, please keep this thread on the topic of where to find chicken roll in the Los Angeles region.

                              We split a tangent about the return of Weaver's chicken roll to the General Topics board. Since it's not available in the L.A. region, please continue that discussion here:


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                                i understand the keeping it in the LA areas only. however i think they can have walmart call and order it. atleast thats what the rep at Tyson told me. scroll up and get up # and look up tyson customer service on line. thats what i did

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                              bad news! I went to Wal Mart last night and bought Weaver chicken roll and it is not the same stuff as before. This one is still white but is like any other cold meat. They must have changed the recipe.

                      2. I'm curious -- here we are 4 years later --- did you ever find true chicken roll.

                        I grew up in New York and had this for lunch almost every day and would love to find it again.

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                          I actually did... sorta. It wasn't the Weaver Chicken Roll of my youth of course, since that no longer exists. It was some other company's version. Let's just say that Thomas Wolfe was right, you can't go home again.