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Aug 10, 2008 10:05 PM

"Chef" is back in the kitchen!

Hurrah! "Chef" a great sitcom on PBS and the best tv show about food is back on the air at least in the SF Bay area. This show is so funny and the food so great, please my fellow chowhounds, if you haven't already give it a try.

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  1. third try: When is it on? What channel?

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    1. re: Janet

      The OP said it was on PBS. Check your local listings at For the Boston area, it was on Saturday, Aug. 9th at 9:30pm.

      1. re: LindaWhit

        I had a little senior moment there. I thought I was still on the SF board. And we have so many PBS I wanted some help from the locals. sorry about that.

        1. re: Janet

          No problem - we have a lot of PBS's in the Boston area as well - their website asks you for your Zip code and then gives you the choice of the PBS stations in your area so you can choose your own.

    2. I have the three season DVD set! Love that show!!

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      1. re: HarryK

        Have never seen it, but if I'm home on Saturday night, I'll try and remember to watch it. Looks good!

        1. re: LindaWhit

          It's a wonderful show - think you'll love it. I've not seen it on recently in the NYC area.

      2. I absolutely Love Lenny Henry... that show is hilarious. I'm so happy it's getting another go around.

        BTW: Do you know he's married to Dawn French?

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        1. re: Gio

          love dawn french, too! she also loves food, esp. as the vicar of dibley.

          1. re: alkapal

            oh! oh now i gotta put in this french&saunders link-- hilarious parody of gordon ramsay. (though maybe i should put it in the "waiters spit in the food" thread.)


            "it all comes with effing swearing"

            1. re: soupkitten

              Two of the very best comediennes in show biz! Did I see Joanne Lumley at one point? Thanks for that Soupkitten!

              1. re: Gio

                ah, "foam"...

                and yes, gio, you saw lumley in the bathroom! "patsy" was hilarious. and she loved the champers!

                1. re: alkapal

                  Weren't they the utmost? And the long suffering daughter who somehow managed to get breakfast & dinner on the table in spite of the dynamic duo. The Brits have it nailed for comedy.

                  1. re: Gio

                    CHEF: iso UNpasteurized stilton was one of the best episodes:

                    and ABFAB:
                    i'd forgotten how much they BOTH drank. it was funny when the mom "gave up" drinking. (patsy said her own abstinence was the "worst 8 hours of her life"!)

        2. best. show. ever. my absolute fave. :)

          1. I have to admit, I liked the first two seasons far more than the third, when it turned into some sappy early-90's American sitcom.

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            1. re: Blueicus

              I agree - things went downhill after the divorce. The first two seasons were worth buying the DVDs for, though.