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Aug 10, 2008 09:38 PM

Where to take friends for special dinner in Seattle?

I'll be in Seattle in two weeks for a friend's wedding and I wanted to take a small group of people (5 including myself) out for dinner on a Sunday night.

I'm not concerned about price. However, I'd like something casual or business casual where we can enjoy a nice atmosphere and some good wine (or other type of beverage). No steakhouses or seafood-only joints (one non-meat eater and one non-seafood eater in the group, though a seafood restaurant with a variety of non-seafood options can work).

Thanks in advance for suggestions!

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  1. Everything is casual or business casual here in Seattle.

    If you're really not concerned about price and someone in your party has a car, I recommend Cafe Juanita, an Italian restaurant near Kirkland. The chef just won a well-deserved James Beard award for top NW chef. They have a nice wine list, albeit pricy.

    Alternatively, for an even pricier option, but with more vegetarian choices, you could try Rover's, here in Seattle--French with NW influences.
    It also has a lovely but pricy wine list.

    Either of these easily fits the bill for a "special" dinner. Attire ranges from dressed up to business casual or casual. Could you show up in a tank top and flip flops? I don't know--that might be a little far. . ..

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      Rover's is a wonderful, very expensive special occasion restaurant. However, when I ate there, I was one of a handful of men not wearing a jacket. I was comfortable there in just a tie, but I would not consider this a casual place by any means!

      Dahlia can be a crowd pleaser, but many like Palace Kitchen (same owner) better; not as upscale, but food is great here.

      What about:
      Harvest Vine (Basque cuisine)

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        We have gone to Rover's many times and my partner has not worn a tie or jacket and it was fine.

      2. Ben, I suggest the Dahlia Lounge. It always seems to please a variety of people with diverse tastes and has a very nice atmosphere. Service tends to be more professional than most Belltown eateries. Don't miss the donuts in a bag for desert.

        1. Purple. Its a wine bar/resto in downtown. Very nice atmosphere, good food, great wine list. Call ahead for reservations.

          1. I love Purple Cafe as well. Canlis is nice if money is no object. Haven't been, but I've heard Union is nice.

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              Union is great. I would highly recommend Restaurant Zoe, too, I always have a great time and great food there, and my veggie husband always enjoys it.

              Cafe Flora is an all-veg restaurant that does an amazing job, and many non-vegetarains love too. Ray's Boathouse doesn't have veg. options on the menu, but puts together beautiful veg. options!