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Aug 10, 2008 08:50 PM

Best Restaurant for Salmon in Pacific NW?

Hello! I'm planning a trip up to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska to fish for salmon. I was just wondering if you guys could let me in on the best restaurants at which to get salmon in Alaska or Washington. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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  1. McCormick Schmick's, Chinook's, Matt's at the Market, Restaurant Zoe. I prefer these more than Ivar's, but they are known for salmon. We also had great salmon at Steelhead Diner and Etta's.

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      I'm pretty sure McCormick & Schmick's doesn't use wild salmon. I think Palisade's has really good salmon.

    2. Salmon is available at many, many Seattle restaurants, in a variety of preparations. You want wild Pacific salmon, some people have a preference for King or sockeye, etc. I think one of the best classic preparations in Seattle is at Etta's, with corn pudding and shiitake relish. I haven't been in a long time, though. Matt's and Restaurant Zoe are always great restaurants. I think I like Ray's Boathouse, upstairs, best for traditional fish preparation, but I only go there with out of town visitors.

        1. I personally do not care for any of the McCormick's' empire restaurants. We had some wonderful salmon at Trellis in Kirkland. I do recommend wild over farmed. I believe they had both on the menu the night we went.

          1. I live far away, but I believe you're just entering the season for Yukon River Salmon (thrice the fat!), which is one of those once-in-a-lifetime thrills that PNW'ers get to have for weeks of the year, every year.

            I miss PNW.

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              Speaking of salmon fat, is there any restaurant that serves salmon belly?

              99Ranch sells belly strips for half the price of steaks. Usually they are mostly skin and fin, and best for stock, but occasional packages have a good proportion of meat and fat. With a crisp fried skin these are some of the best salmon I've cooked.

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                great question! please let us know if you hear of any place TIA