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Aug 10, 2008 08:33 PM

More ridiculously good flavors - SCOOPS

Hi gang,

Last week Tai the Ice Cream Maestro somehow convinced me to buy another 5 pints at Scoops again... Calorically, that's about a 85.02 mile jog. Ick.

Flavors this time around:

Mango / White Wine: Usually, the white wine in his white wine concoctions get lost or overpowered by the fruit, but not this time. Perfect balance.

White Chocolate / Sea Salt: Rich and complex, chocophile Mrs. J.L. confiscated it from me and I haven't seen it since.

Almond / Horchata: Very true to its label. Refreshing as heck on a hot humid day.

Blackberry / Triple Sec: Wow.

Beet / Cashew: My dark horse favorite. Neat combination.

Scoops - a gem in in our fair city.

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  1. I agree: White Chocolate and Sea Salt is definitely amazing.

    I once had a Strawberry Chimay flavor that almost made me cry, it was that good. One of my favorite fruits and one of my favorite beers... Tai, you are the master!

    1. Are they closed on Mondays now? The doors were locked this afternoon and the guy next door said they were starting to close Mondays.

      1. Sounds great. Completely agree that Scoops is a
        Problem is, I'm usually so stuffed after Pure Luck, not much room left.
        Somehow, though, I manage...