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Aug 10, 2008 08:24 PM

Best Chicken enchiladas in Dallas/ Plano?

My test for any mexican restaurant is their hot sauce and their chicken enchiladas. If somewhere makes really bad chicken enchiladas, I don't even bother going back and trying anything else because if you can't make a decent chicken enchilada, you shouldn't open a mexican restaurant. Oh, and don't charge for a side of jalepenos!! It's like a burger joint charging extra for you asking for lettuce.... you're a mexican restaurant! Jalepenos are a condiment here! Sorry for the quick rant...just hit me as I was typing...

I have found some good chicken enchiladas, but would love to hear of some places I might not of tried or heard of before.

Thanks in advance.....

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  1. I dig the chipotle chicken enchiladas at Dos Charros in Richardson....if you go on Sunday's you can actually sample a couple different kinds of enchiladas on their breakfast buffet. $10...all you can eat...they keep things fresh, clean and stocked up. Family owned and everything is tasty. They are on Beltline/Plano Road ...

    1. Of course it depends on what kind of chicken enchilada that someone likes...I personally, like a sour cream sauced enchilada...For that reason, it is hard to find a really great one, because so many do not do the sour cream sauce right, IMO..It should be a bit tart...For that reason, my favorite is not in Plano, but in Dallas, at Rafa's...In Plano, I would have to say that Luna de Noche and Mi Concina do a pretty good job, but yes, you have to ask for extra jalapenos, and I have never noticed, but I feel sure that they charge you extra...Honestly, a hamburger place will charge you for extra pickels....I would be interested in knowing what your faves are, univited guest....

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        I agree Rafa's is great and love Mia's on Lemmon as well. My wife and I split the brisket tacos and the chicken enchiladas there as to get the best of both. I also like Uncle Julios sour cream chicken enchiladas. As you can see, lots of choices down south, so thats why I'm looking for some good ones up North. Luna De Noche's and Mi Cocina's are ok as are On the Borders; Christinas are bad. I really want to hear about that hole in the wall place up north.... anyone?

        Thanks for the help!

      2. kinda unexpected, but Cowboy Chicken has pretty good chicken enchiladas. They use their rotisserie chicken, which is pretty good in its own right, in a tangy cilantro cream sauce. Good for take out, and I think there is one in Plano now

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          i must be a jerk because i think a chicken enchilada is a terrible way to judge a "mexican" restaurant. i don't even think it's a good way to judge a tex mex restaurant. in fact i wouldn't say that i've ever had an enchilada that didn't disappoint me. so maybe i will have to try out one of these places some time. but i can't say i'm looking forward to it. more than anything else its a lost opportunity to try something good. no offense to anybody intended.

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            I will have to agree with luniz on this one. I think it might be a bit crazy to pass up a restaurant because they don't have great chicken enchiladas. In fact I have been to several places who don't even have enchiladas on the menu but they are still great places!

            As for Rafas it must be a HP/UP thing because I have never had a great meal there. I can go about 2 miles either west or south and have great Tex-Mex as compared to decent.

            Irodguy does have a good point also Mercado Juarez has a good warm salsa but so does Tipicos. I got a bit off topic there so sorry.

            I will have to disagree with the Cowboy Chicken rec as I had their rotisserie chicken recently and I guess I was expecting more "Cowboy" in the chicken (i.e smoke or spiciness). I got a two piece rotisserie chicken plate and it was very lackluster and I can't imagine having that in some enchiladas. There was no smoke and very little flavor in a rostisserie chicken, maybe it was an off day but even the sides were bad. I would rather have some El Pollo Regio pollo asado wrapped in some tortillas.

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              certainly there are better things to eat at most tex-mex restaurants, but I really can't think of a more north texas meal that an enchilada dinner.

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                I've had the chicken enchiladas at Cowboy Chicken and they are way too salty. Between the rotisserie chicken and the overdose of sauce... sodium attack!

          2. A good test of a "white bread" Mexican restaurant might be chicken enchiladas, but no place approaching authentic will likely even have them. There are a very few exceptions mainly places that try to cater to a mixed crowd like Aparicio's. As I remember my wife has ordered them there being from Boston it's what she likes.

            I was agree with the post suggesting Cowboy Chicken if this is what you are specifically looking for. You might also try Mercado Juarez which does have decent warm salsa

            1. I don't care much for sour cream, so I'm not a very good judge, but my dear dad loves the sour cream chicken enchiladas at El Paso Cantina, SE corner of 75 and 15th st in Plano. I can say from personal experience, at least once a week for lunch, that I think they have the best chips and salsa in town.