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Aug 10, 2008 08:19 PM

Wine Bars in Orange County...

So, where are all the wine bars in Orange County? I'm looking to create an exhaustive list...

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  1. There's Pop the Cork on the second floor of the Gardenwalk in Anaheim. Can't add much beyond that. I was in a rush and didn't get to take a good look around.

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      Try Purple Feet in Dana Point -

      or Syposium in Irvine. -

      Both have great selections and a great vibe.

    2. Pop The Cork at Gardenwalk is great. The owners are super nice, and they offer a nice food selection as well. They just opened recently, so there's still the new feeling to the place. They don't have a lot of information up on their website, but I'm sure it will grow and change.

      The other place I like is in Irvine called WineStyles. It is at the corner of Dupont and Jamboree, south of the 405 freeway. it is located in the same place as the Melting Pot and Daily Grill. Phil, the owner there, is also friendly, and his staff are great. They have a lot of different wines, often available by the glass, and their thurs/fri/sat tastings for $25 are a lot of fun.

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        There's also a Wine Styles in Brea (Birch Street Promenade).

        There's the Twisted Vine in Fullerton:

        and my favourite place for tastings is Vendome Liquors in Placentia (N/E corner of Yorba Linda Blvd/Placentia Ave). They have wine, beer and other tastings.

      2. may I suggest a small store/wine bar specializing in small producers: Wine lab newport.

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          There is Twisted Vine in Fullerton

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            Haven't been there but I would recommend Wine Gallery in Corona del Mar, which is in the same vein. It's part wine shop -- compact but with a good selection, a bit California-centric for me but good range of prices and hitting most major counties -- but also has a nice serving bar and a communal table or two facing out on PCH. The ambiance is pleasant and convivial and more like you're in a wine bar and less like you're sitting in a shop compared to the hybrids I've been to in LA.

            As an added bonus, Rothschild's next door will serve and carry over anything on their menu -- a couple apps, a full meal, whatever -- complete with place settings and restaurant plating. I can't vouch for the food, having neither done this nor been to Rothschild's, but regulars I chat with seem to enjoy this option.

          2. Oddly enough, there is one in the Albertson's shopping center off of Sand Canyon and the 405 in Irvine. It's called, Bacchus Secret Cellar. They sell tastes (2 oz), half glasses, glasses and bottles. One side is more a wine shop, but they have the small bar area and there's music on some nights. Kinda of a cool local place to go to and they have a few cheese plates to munch on.


            1. I'd add Wine Pavillion, off I-5 at El Toro offramp. Weekly events, tastings, wine and cheese pairings.... it's become my go-to place for all things wine.