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Aug 10, 2008 08:04 PM

One night in LA

Hubby is being nominated for an Emmy in September and we will have one night to celebrate and enjoy LA (we're from NYC). Would like a great LA meal. We've been to Lucques, AOC, Grace and Jar. Any suggestions for a wonderful and memorable meal? The only thing that we don't want is Italian and steak. Thanks.

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  1. Since you say nothing about budget I'll link to Exile Kisses review of Urasawa and let you draw your own conclusions if it's worth the weight.

    If this is too rich for what you had in mind there are less pricy (and less spectacular) alternatives available.

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      I know you said it's too pricey below, but just wanted to second Urasawa. I would eat gruel for the next month just to save up the money for that meal.

    2. Spago. Providence, if you enjoy seafood and tasting menus. Since you seem to have liked Lucques and AOC you might want to sample the Cal-Med at Campanile, which is still a gorgeous main dining room. Or the garden patio at Michael's in Santa Monica. I'm a big fan of Puck's asian fusion landmark, Chinois on Main in Santa Monica. An offbeat suggestion if it is a Friday or Saturday night is dinner at The Restaurant at the Getty, which is a fun experience, has amazing views from downtown to the coast, and surprisingly good food and service.

      1. Try: Urasawa, Melisse, Matsuhisa, Ortolan, Kiriko. Grab a Father's Office burger if you have the time.

        I will duck as other chowhounds hurl banana peels and bottles in my general direction, but I'll say it nonetheless: Skip Providence and Sona.

        Congrats on the Emmy nod.

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          Thanks for the great suggestions. Ortolan looks like what I have in mind. We love Japanese too and I think LA has the best sushi but I think Urasawa is just a little too pricey for us. We have Matsuhisa in NY but if there are any other wonderful Japanese restaurants that you can suggest-that would be terrific! Thanks.

          1. re: samiam123

            Try sushi Zo. It is my second favorite omakase experience behind Urasawa. The fish is divine and they have a wonderful sake selection. There is not much in terms of ambiance but if you want really yummy fish without breaking the bank go here. It usually runs me about $75pp.

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              I am well aware of the Nobu empire's presence in NYC, but note that Matsuhisa's flagship in L.A. is VASTLY superior and food-intensive when compared to his satellite Nobu locations.

              1. re: J.L.

                I agree that it is vastly different as we were once there several years ago and since we do not come to LA very often I'd like to have a different experience. Thanks though.

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                  I think Sushi Zo is very special and nothing like Nobu in NY. Simple sushi, but simply the best things you have ever eaten. Since you have been to many of the good ones that aren't Italian or Steak, I second the Chinois on Main idea--then have a drink at Shutters or the Penthouse before or after and look at the Ocean. I think Ortolan is closed, btw. Capo in Santa Monica is also wonderful. Though Italian, it is very California Italian, focusing on quality purveyors for everything.

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                    Ortolan closed? But we just had a great meal there 2 weeks ago!!

                    1. re: holleygolitely

                      Why do you think Ortolan is closed? I was in less than two weeks ago and it was not only still going strong but the Chef was discussing some of his plans for upcoming special dinners so I would be surprised if it had shuttered. Certainly nothing on eaterla or other sites about any closure (temporarily off-line on OpenTable but that is more often due to technical or contract issues than closure).

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                        I will third Sushi Zo. I still dream about the Toro. To me, its what sushi is all about. I have not had better.

              2. My recs: Josie's, Melisse, Campanile or Craft

                1. Conratulations on the Nomination! I won an Emmy a few years back and it's an honor.

                  Try and go to the bar at the Hotel Bel Air. It's very old school, but special. Also, West off the 405 has a great view from their bar and restaurant. I know these are just drink suggestions, but it's all part of the celebration! By the way, if you win, the little gal everywhere that night and display it proudly!

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                  1. re: bosanova99

                    While West does indeed have a great view, I find the atmosphere in the bar to be reminiscent of the 80s and utterly depressing. On a recent Saturday night there was only a scattering of patrons.

                    1. re: whatsfordinner

                      I was there at sunset and it was just so pretty! I wasn't that impressed with the menu, but I liked the bar.