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Aug 10, 2008 07:56 PM

Pickling Recipe?

I am growing sweet peppers and red hot cherry peppers. Though they are fine on salads, I would like to explore pickling. Does anyone have any recipes or advice?


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  1. I tried the "fresh pickle" thing this week - this was my advice for my mom:

    I tried doing the salt pickle thing, following a recipe from the NY Time's Mark Bittman.

    although it calls for 2 lbs of Kirby cukes (short and stubby) I used 1 lb. which came to 3 cukes. good for a test. the difference in scale is really just the amount of brine, maintain the general ratio of salinity.

    Boil a cup or so of water, stir in 1/3 cup Kosher or sea salt after it dissolves add some ice cubes to cool it and throw in 5 crushed garlic cloves and whatever else you like, the recipe suggested dill and coriander, but I found some Japanese rice seasoning mix in the pantry (sesame, seaweed and horseradish) and that worked fine. some say a few oak leaves or a few hours of tea bag or a cork will add tannin and help keep the crunch factor. (I used regular salt 'cause I'm cheap but that's a bit too much salinity - K and sea are much milder - I added some brown sugar after about 12 hours to cut the bitter)

    wash and quarter the cukes and pour the brine over it, weight it down and leave for 24-48 in the open air. they say taste after 4, but I didn't see the point except to discover how dang salty they were, refrigeration will slow the fermentation, which you don't want. don't seal it either until 'done'. when it's brined to taste then pop them in a jar in the fridge. I waited about 30 hours before that. it'll continue to cure a bit and I watered down the brine at that point.

    said to last about a week or 2. vinegar cured ones last almost indefinitely, maybe that's next time.

    I'd go for far far milder with peppers. unless you're doing a thing to dress collard greens. or muffaleta.