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Best outdoor dining with a view?

I'm looking for a restaurant where you can sit outside and enjoy a good view as well. There are many restaurants with patios, but they are often at the back with little or no view of anything except for the next building or the fence. Is there any place you can sit outside and enjoy a view as well? The closest i've seen is Ocean and View at the Loews hotel in Santa Monica, but I think their actual outside area is for drinks/lounging only, not for dinner. I'm looking for something around the Santa Monica/Venice area, but i'm willing to travel a bit. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  1. Just went to Taverna Tony's in Malibu. Sat outside for dinner and had a great view of the mountains.

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        agree with this whole-heartedly.

        personally i don't find taverna tony's anything special at all.

      2. Hi, In Topanga, the rustic outdoor-deck with wild trees, foliage & a creek running through in Topanga is extremely lovely & romantic. Also, the outdoor area at the restaurant in the old-money Hotel Bel Aire is quite lovely, but more swanky. JET

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          Are you recommending a specific restaurant in Topanga Canyon? If so, what is the name of the place you like?

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            specifically, abuelitas on the inexpensive side and inn of the seventh ray on the expensive side are both fantastic places in topanga -- both have lots of seating outside and it's beautiful!

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              Thanks, dtud. I have been to both and agree with you. I just wasn't sure if Jet had some place in mind, but somehow didn't mention it, or (s)he was just recommending Topanga Canyon in general without mentioning a specific restaurant.

        2. For a fabulous view of the Malibu canyons, go to Saddle Peak Lodge.

          Sit either on the patio, or the 3rd floor, and the sight lines are stunning.


          1. I like the food and view from Savannah at the Beach at the base of the Huntington Beach pier. It has a lovely view of the beach and pier at sunset.

            1. The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove State Park is literally on the beach (north of Laguna/south of Newport). Reserve a table on the patio (they give you beepers that play reveille), and sit back to watch the breakers at eye level. The food is good quality cafe - excellent upscale hamburgers ($13), Oriental chicken salad, short ribs on mash, toasted cheese sandwiches, boysenberry pie and a martini list. You can't get closer to the view itself.

              1. Never been there myself, but Geoffrey's in Malibu is known for its ocean view.

                Geoffrey's Malibu
                27400 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265

                1. If you really don't mind a drive, I like the Castaway restaurant in Burbank. Really lovely view. http://www.castawayrestaurant.com/bur...

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                    agree on the view but extremely mediocre food.

                  2. Thanks a lot for the suggestions. The Inn of the Seventh Ray looks especially stunning in the photos. I'm a bit weary of their health conscious menu, but it looks good.

                    Isn't the Getty indoors only? Also heard bad things about the service there.

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                      Inn of the Seventh Ray is worth going to. The food is very good and the environment is calm and serene... a wonderful change of pace in dining out in LA. I believe all of the food used by the restaurant is locally grown and fresh (unless they've changed their policy). Definitely recommend it.

                    2. The Getty is awesome for lunch---don't know if the view at night is as good. I've never had a problem with service there and have always had excellent food. I've found the wait staff to be very thorough and attentive---and very knowledgeable about the menu (which changes frequently)

                      I've heard some criticisms on this board about Geoffrey's---but I had an amazing experience there and thought the food was excellent--and the view even better. You can't beat the ambiance. Between my husband and I, we had a salad, crab and corn chowder which was excellent, lobster bisque and the surf and turf. Everything was fabulous.

                      1. The newly redone Malibu Beach Inn is a lovely little secret. Until recently you had to be a guest to eat there, but now it's open to the public. The deck has maybe 10 tables. Right on the ocean. Food is good. Wine list food. Sort of pricey, but the atmosphere is worth every penny. Go for sunset. it's sexy, romantic, quiet. The new manager is James who was at L'Orangerie for many years. He's a cutie pie and would be delighted if you said hi. There's a fire pit on the deck, so you can stay toasty.

                        Geoffrey's is lovely....but only for lunch on a stellar day. It's very dated, 1980's decor doesn't look good if it's all you have to focus on. Their brunch is OUTSTANDING. Try the watermelon mojito and the paella. Super yum. Get a table on the railing closest to the end of the deck. watch for Matthew McConnhey. Oh never mind, he's busy at home with a new baby; darn.

                        1. Might be a liitle casual versus what your looking for, but if you're after the view and great food, go to Malibu Seafood (walk up counter, BYOB). Sublime seafood and an amazing beachcomber view of the water.

                          1. I'm considering Coast at the Shutters on the Beach hotel. Has anyone been there? I can't find the menus anywhere but the site, which does not include prices. It looks like it's got a great patio, but i'm wondering if it feels a bit dinerish in real life, like many hotel restaurants often do.

                            1. Wilshire Restaurant at 24th and Wilshire has gorgeous outdoors dining and the food is wonderful. No view, but if you are considering dinner, it is dark anyway. As for a table near the outdoor bar. Or on the upper lever is a lovely fireplace.