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Aug 10, 2008 07:20 PM

How to Clean/Refresh Granite Counter?

My friend has granite or marble counters (black stone). They don't keep such a clean kitchen. And the counters... I don't like to touch them. I just can't tell if they simply need a good rub down with a counter cleaner, or if they actually need a light polishing of the stone itself. I have Corian, and I can get a like-new finish by lightly polishing with wet soapy brillo. How do you handle the stone counters?

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  1. Researchers reported a few years back that most kitchen-counter cleaning actually just spread around germs. I'm in my 60s, souldn't think of using steel wool on a counter (or much of anything else) am still alive.

    But if there 's areal concern, you should probably swab off counters with disinfectant several times a day.

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      Granite is much harder than steel wool, so there shouldn't be a scratching issue there. OTOH, I can imagine how my wife would react if one of her supposed friends started to clean down her kitchen work surfaces!

    2. I have some corian (nearly white),on it I use baking soda and or paste silver polish(jewelers rouge) zero stains 16 years later.
      white marble the same dark grey granite baking soda ond or HOT water So far all
      in good condition 14-20 years later.

      If the things are less sanitary AFTER cleaning you might try replacing sponges etc.
      Absorbant things used in a kitchen are a microbial vat,most people don't wash or replace often enough.

      1. My friend works for her brother in-laws granite store. I found this link that best represents what she has told me in the past.

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          thanks,have forwarded it to my niece and DIL