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Your favorite alcohols in desserts!

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I just love alcohol in dessert. I think it's just a perfect way to end a meal, and you just feel sophisticated/sexy eating them. It's a perfect mood setter. I want to know what your favorite alcohols in desserts are. Brandy, Rum, Bailey's?

My favorite is Kirsch, and I particularly add it to creams and custards. I absolutely love it, but I've never had any other type of fruit liquors, even the popular Grand Marier. Have any recommendations for other fruit spirits? I hear pear is relatively popular...

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  1. First: Cream Sherry
    Next: Rum
    Next: Brandy
    After that, it's pretty much a toss up

    1. Rum (bananas foster) and New Orleans bread pudding with whisksy sauce.

      1. Rum. Sweet dark rum, poured over an Italian pastry called a Rum Baba, or Baba Rum.

        1. I agree with you so much!
          My personal favorites are:
          Grand Marnier, over a mix of fresh strawberry, blackberry and raspberry. Layered in a huge goblet, so when you lean in for a bite, your nose gets a whiff of the Grand Marnier and the berries. omg. I just think of late summer.

          The other is Tiramisu, I have no idea what the liquor is but its heavenly. Frangelica?

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            I believe tiramisu is Kahlua, which is MY favorite dessert liqueur.

          2. Grand Marnier Mousse...no better way to finish a special meal.
            Served in your best crystal goblets.

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              Grand Mariner souffle...Grand Marnier in chocolate mousse. Not too shabby either!

              I used to have a recipe for Cocoa Zin. It was Zinfandel, heavy cream egg yolks cooked, with melted dark chocolate. Sort of a prettied up pots au chocolate, man.

            2. Believe it or not, I like green Chartreuse on vanilla ice cream...the alcohol content is so high it actually bubbles in your mouth...it's the hot and cold thing.

              1. Patrone Cafe' Gran Gala (orange) Cognac Benedictine

                When making mincemeat I finish with Spanish Brandy and Woodford Reserve Bourbon

                ditto on the Chartreuse/ice cream combo

                1. Malibu (coconut rum) goes with almost everything.

                  Last night we had small warm chocolate cakes with a splash of Bailey's poured over the top.

                  I like to brush cakes with fruit-flavored liqueurs, like Chambord (for chocolate) or Cointreau (for white cake).

                  I also like to mix nut-flavored liqueurs into whipped cream, like Frangelico and Amaretto.

                  1. I'm with you on the kirsch!

                    I also like sherry and frangelico.

                    Chez Panisse Desserts offers recipes for a good range of alcohol-based desserts (ice creams, custards, etc).

                    1. Any whisky on ice cream. When the fat round molecules of the ice cream meet up with the sharp bite of the booze, it don't get no betta'!

                      1. Port with strawberries
                        Pimms with strawberries (a la Jamie Oliver in FN's Jamie at home)

                        1. Amaretto. Almond aroma and flavor.

                          1. At the Jack Daniels distillery they tell you you can swap out Jack for vanilla in recipes.
                            They make a JD chocolate pecan pie that they serve there that is phenomenal.

                            I also like a nice bourbon sauce on bread pudding.


                            1. Lovely question! My votes:

                              Rum in chocolate truffles, or the Chocolate Meringue Truffle Cake from Nigella Lawson's Feast (which is better as mini-mousses rather than with the base, IMO)

                              Bailey's in buttercream frosting on Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes, or in an Irish Tiramisu

                              Ameretto dribbled onto berries and cookies (ameretti are particularly nice) with whipped cream

                              1. Almost any liqueur over vanilla ice cream. I have an old recipe that is a chocolate mousse cake made with honey, whipped cream, chocolate, and Chivas Regal. After it sits in the freezer for a couple of days, the boozy syrup seeps out the bottom. Sorry, no words available to describe!

                                1. I love Frangelico with my chocolate desserts, in pear butter, in custard, oh, everything!

                                  Second to that is good dark rum. I love to marinate pineapple and peaches in rum with brown sugar and vanilla bean, and then grill the fruit. And rum just goes with everything brown sugar.

                                  Third? I recently infused some vodka with tayberries and marionberries, and I'm dying to start sneaking that into fruit deserts.

                                  1. Creme de Menthe in Grasshopper Pie....

                                    And Kirsch in Blackforest Cake....

                                    I also enjoy pretty much any dessert flambeed with brandy, rum or Grand Marnier ...