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Aug 10, 2008 07:01 PM

Your favorite alcohols in desserts!

I just love alcohol in dessert. I think it's just a perfect way to end a meal, and you just feel sophisticated/sexy eating them. It's a perfect mood setter. I want to know what your favorite alcohols in desserts are. Brandy, Rum, Bailey's?

My favorite is Kirsch, and I particularly add it to creams and custards. I absolutely love it, but I've never had any other type of fruit liquors, even the popular Grand Marier. Have any recommendations for other fruit spirits? I hear pear is relatively popular...

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  1. First: Cream Sherry
    Next: Rum
    Next: Brandy
    After that, it's pretty much a toss up

    1. Rum (bananas foster) and New Orleans bread pudding with whisksy sauce.

      1. Rum. Sweet dark rum, poured over an Italian pastry called a Rum Baba, or Baba Rum.

        1. I agree with you so much!
          My personal favorites are:
          Grand Marnier, over a mix of fresh strawberry, blackberry and raspberry. Layered in a huge goblet, so when you lean in for a bite, your nose gets a whiff of the Grand Marnier and the berries. omg. I just think of late summer.

          The other is Tiramisu, I have no idea what the liquor is but its heavenly. Frangelica?

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            I believe tiramisu is Kahlua, which is MY favorite dessert liqueur.

          2. Grand Marnier better way to finish a special meal.
            Served in your best crystal goblets.

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            1. re: easily amused

              Grand Mariner souffle...Grand Marnier in chocolate mousse. Not too shabby either!

              I used to have a recipe for Cocoa Zin. It was Zinfandel, heavy cream egg yolks cooked, with melted dark chocolate. Sort of a prettied up pots au chocolate, man.