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Aug 10, 2008 06:27 PM

Advice for US Open Tennis Trip Itinerary

I'm visiting from Toronto and haven't been here in 6 years. Last time I was here, I was fortunate enough to sample Gramercy Tavern, Fleur de Sel, Bouley, Dim Sum Go Go, Dimple, Katz's.

This trip combines the US open with some good eating (mix of high and low end). I would appreciate feedback on my itinerary. Yes, I know I will need to pace myself during the day in order to do justice for some of the dinners, but will prioritize based on NY hound advice.

Note: Will probably get a 7-day MetroCard for the week. (Aug 26 -Sept 1)

Lunch: Pearl Oyster Bar (lobster roll)
Dinner: Get there @ 5:00 to snag a bar seat @ Babbo.

Wed. US open tennis
Early am: Patisserie Claude -- since he is retiring.
I plan to be at the Open all day and won't get out until after 8:00 or 9:00 pm if I'm lucky. In case I don't get to go to some of the places in Flushing I would like some recs for late noshing in Manhattan after 10:00 pm -- nothing too fussy: Dinosaur BBQ or Hill Country BBQ; Blue Ribbon Brasserie / Bakery; Kuma Inn; Village Yokocho; Tia Pol??

Thurs. US Open tennis
Early am: Grandaisy Bakery
Same issues as Wed. for dinner

Morning -- Russ & Daughters, Kossars' Bialys, Kees
Lunch - Jean-George
Dinner - Momofuku ssam

Morning & Lunch - Union Sq Greenmarket, Katz's, il Laboratorio del Gelato; Doughnut Planet
Dinner - Degustation
Late Snack: Veniero’s Pastry Shop (cannolis, black & white)

Morning and Lunch - Shake Shack, Patsy's Pizza (East Harlem), no time for di Fara's.
Dinner - Devi
Late Snack: Rocco's Pastry Shop (cannolis, black & white)

Mon - (Labour Day)
Before I leave for the airport around 5:30 pm:
1) Spotted Pig? Dumpling House? Dosa Man? Mandoo Bar? Sugar Sweet Sunshine?
2) Explore Trader Joe's, Dean and Delucca, Zabar's, or Chelsea Market for snacking and foodstuffs to bring home? Are these places open on Labour Day? If they aren't, please advise for best noshing on this day. I wouldn't mind strolling about and grabbing snacks for the most part, maybe hit one sit-down place. Any neighborhood in Manhattan, closer to Chelsea would be a bonus, no restrictions re: type of food or budget (however, prefer a more casual/ neighborhood atmosphere as indicated by my choices, e.g. not like a Bouley or J-G.)

Last question:
US OPEN viewing in Manhatten: In case I don't get theatre tix, are there any places with good snacks that I can watch some of the US open during the evening Fri - Sun? I remember someone mentioning that one year AMEX had set up a screen in the park where Shake Shack is located. So not necessarily a sports bar, if that's possible.

Appreciate any advice - thanks.

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  1. wow. that's quite a plan.
    some advice: dinosaur is a bit of a hike from Flushing, doughnut plant is next door to kossars, which is not open during the sabbath. maybe do all that LES stuff in the same day. you can get chinatown in there too.
    USOpen day sessions start at 11am. the early am stuff = quite a bit of effort. not sure where you are staying but it's alot of traveling. though with the long days you have planned perhaps you do not intend to sleep.
    The Tennis will be on all over the place. should be outdoor screens at Roc Center (maybe get your D+D fix there)
    I'd call the stores you want to patronize on labor day to see if they are open, or have modified hours. you can't bring liquids on the plane (wine, jars of whatever) so leave time to stuff things like that into your checked bags.

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    1. re: sarapeater

      Yes, it is a bit ambitious isn't it? I'm staying in Chelsea, so perhaps I should restrict my am/pm noshing during the Open days to places that are near that neighborhood. Depending on how tired I am, I may end up just going to some brekkie place in Flushing while enroute to the Open, and forgo going to anywhere else in Manhattan. Problem is I have no sense how far things are apart from each other and how long it may take to get there, even by transit. Thanks for your input.

      1. re: Degustation

        Try for transit planning -- it will take into account delays, rerouted trains, etc. and will give time estimates as to how long it will take to get places.

        Late night dining in NYC:

        Of course, check hours and call ahead.

        1. re: kathryn

          Thanks, Kathryn. I must say that the majority of my itinerary was formed by reading many of your helpful posts with the numerous links.

        2. re: Degustation

          Main Street Flushing is just one subway stop away from the US Open (about a 5 minute subway ride). But a lot of places you may want to try in Flushing will probably be closed. But you should ask on the Outer Boroughs anyway as I think there are other hounds who have a better idea of places open for breakfast.

          You've got a great itinerary -- looks similar to something I would do if I was visiting NYC. Patisserie Claude is doable from Chelsea in the morning. Chelsea is the neighborhood located just North of Greenwich Village (which is where Claude is located). Grandaisy bakery is out of the way from the US Open. But I think it will be faster than going to the 47th Street Sullivan Street Bakery (same thing) as it's located pretty far from the subway station.

          On Sunday, if you don't have time to go uptown for pizza, you can stay more downtown and try Artichoke (slices, no seating), Bleecker Street Pizza (my favorite of the slice places), John's on Bleecker (pie) or Arturo's (pie).

          I highly recommend against Mandoo Bar. I don't think it's special enough to warrant a visit for you. There are better places than Dumpling House for dumplings -- Prosperity is one that comes to mind. And if you're able to go to Flushing, you may want to check out a few places there. I haven't visited the Dosa man, but from what I've heard, the dosa is not as good as the dosas you can get in the Indian restaurants in Curry Hill as he can't get it as thin and crispy. I think it's more of getting dosas on a cart that people like -- that, and eating dosas in a park. For Sugar Sweet Sunshine, you may want to combine that in your trip to the Lower East Side -- but you may lapse into a sugar coma with cupcakes, donuts and gelato in one sitting! One of my favorite places for cupcakes is Mitchel London's -- very moist and not too sweet. I only like the yellow cake with chocolate ganache, red velvet and marble peanut butter. I've found the other ones to be not as tasty.

          I think for a Toronto resident, Trader Joe's would be interesting for you as there's nothing like it in your city. There's really nothing in the Chelsea Market that I feel is worth going to with the exception of the Italian store. You may want to drop by Di Palo's in Little Italy if you want some Italian goods. Dean and Deluca's is nice, but way overpriced. I may be wrong, but I also probably think that Toronto would have some version of D&D. I think Zabar's is great for a tourist, especially if you want to pick up things smoked fish and babkas (Green's). Zabar's is also right next to H&H Bagels. I don't know if any of these places are open on Labor Day -- you'll probably have to make a few calls.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            Thanks Miss Needle, great advice.

            Thanks for the pizza, dumpling, and Mitchel London recs. Except for the key restaurants, I'm going to have to play the snacking options by ear (depending on time, stomach room and sugar overload). However, it is nice to get other options I can play with.

            Yes, I haven't been to a Trader Joe's, but have heard so much about it, so I need to quell the curiosity. Thanks for the feedback re: Dean and Deluca, Chelsea Market, and Zabar's. Right now they are just options to check out as I just like to wander through foodie stores. I don't have any particular thing I need to pick up. Of course, it all depends on time and store openings.

            1. re: Degustation

              Oh, a decent breakfast place near where you'll be staying is Madeleine Patisserie -- good croissants and macarons. Or you could pick up some stuff at Amy's Bakery at the Chelsea Market (which is really located more in the Meatpacking District than Chelsea).


              Enjoy your trip!

              1. re: Miss Needle

                Mmmmm macarons. There has been a great debate on the Toronto thread lamenting the lack of decent macarons in TO. Thanks for the tips!

      2. You've picked a lot of fine restaurants in Manhattan, but IMHO you're really doing a disservice to yourself by not taking better advantage of Queens, which kicks Manhattan's behind when it comes to genuine ethnic food. Try Spicy and Tasty in Flushing for some really good Chinese. There's also a mini-mall on Main Street across from Kissena that's very easy to miss, but if you duck in, you'll find some cheap, authentic street fare. On the way back in to town, you pass through Jackson Heights, which according to the 2000 census was the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in the country. No specific recs there, but get off at Roosevelt, close your eyes, spin around three times and'll do fine. Also on your way back is Sunnyside and Long Island City where you can find, among other things, Eastern European restaurants. And if you're up for a one-stop detour, in Elmhurst, there's a fantastic dumpling place on Whitney, just west of 43rd, nestled in between two Indonesian places.

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        1. re: douglas525

          Thanks for your feedback. Actually, I will be posting in the Outer Boroughs board for recommendations for Queens and Jackson Heights. My concern is that I may be getting there rather late (9:00 to 10:00) and am afraid some of the places may close early. As well, I'm more confortable with wandering around Manhattan later at night than I am in an unfamiliar neighborhood (don't want to get lost by myself late at night). However, I am dying to try some of the diversity that the outer boroughs offer and will try to see how I can fit something in.

        2. Your itinerary sounds great.
          1) Spotted Pig
          2) I'm 99% sure that Chelsea Market will be closed on Labor Day. I wouldn't recommend the other markets. I can't confirm these places will be open on Labor Day, but you could try a quickie food tour around Bleecker St (between 6th and 7th) in the W Village. W/in a block, you have Cones, Grom, Rocco's (which you'll already be going to), Bleecker St Pizza, Amy's Bread, Murray's Cheese, and Faicco's. Also nearby are L'Arte del Gelato and Blue Ribbon Bakery Market.

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          1. re: Lucia

            Thanks Lucia. I'm definitely curious about Spotted Pig so I hope they will be open for lunch on that day -- I'll call to find out. Your suggestions for a quickie food tour sounds like fun. I think once I get into town, I might get a better idea of what's open and which neighborhoods are best to hit on Labour Day.

            1. re: Degustation

              I called - they will be open. We had a wonderful lunch there recently - our first visit - and you might well get lucky w/ no lines since it's a long weekend. We went on a Friday, parked right out front and were seated right away.

              Do post on the Outer Boroughs board - I have another suggestion for you that belongs there.

              1. re: MMRuth

                Thanks MMRuth! I believe I read your post -- I'm really looking forward to it!

                I'll post on the Outer Boroughs board soon.

          2. You can watch the simulcast from the big screen on the north end of Madison Square Park. Last year, Country set up a stand and sold the most delicious snacks, so between that and Shake Shack, you'll be destined to eat well!

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            1. re: acpi

              Awesome! Thanks for the info acpi!