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Aug 10, 2008 06:24 PM

Asheville Pizza and Brewing

My husband went to Asheville PIzza tonight to pick up a pizza for dinner, as he has probably a dozen times before, and I have never seen him so angry as when he returned, almost 2 HOURS LATER. He placed his order at the bar and assumed that he would have to wait awhile as usual, because they were really busy. (That's never bothered us before, because the pizza is always really good.) Then he noticed that the entire restaurant and bar turned over, and he was STILL waiting for our single pizza. When a server, all of whom had ignored him while he waited (including the one who took his order, who stood at the end of the bar and chatted with someone, oblivious to the fact that her customer had been there for over an hour), finally checked on the pizza, she brought it out immediately. He opened the box to check it, and it was cold, obviously having sat in the window for who knows how long. He complained to the server, who said, "What do you want me to do?" (Um, refund his money or make him a fresh pizza?) He left, after promising that he wouldn't return again, then called the manager on his way home and told him what had happened. The manager' s response? "Sorry." Please keep in mind that my husband is THE most easygoing, non-confrontational person you would ever meet, and we are always excellent customers wherever we go, i.e.: we never blame the server when something isn't right, and we are extremely appreciative of servers, tipping well above what is expected. In fact, servers in Asheville know him as a regular at several places and think the world of him. So was he justified in being POed, and have any of you had similar experiences at Asheville PIzza? Sorry to vent for so long, but this was really inexcusable service, or lack thereof.

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  1. He's justified. As a server,if you take an order, you keep tabs on it...The managers response was consistent with what I have experienced in the past there. I stopped ordering food from there a number of years ago...

    I lived in Asheville a long time (moved 1 year ago) and service, not just in food, is a real issue there. I'm not high maintenance, but they proved over and over that they really didn't care. They botched orders repeatedly (how hard are cheese fries?) to the point where I just wasn't interested in the self flagellation an order entailed.

    1. i've always been a big fan of Barleys out there. and they have great beer on tap

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        I have heard from others that Asheville Pizza's location on Coxe Avenue is much better. Does anyone find that to be true? (My husband said that he felt that he was ignored partly because he was dressed "normally" in a pair of shorts and a golf shirt, his usual attire, and nearly everyone else there was sort of "freaky." No offense intended, as I know plenty of "freaky" people who are absolutely great.)

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          That's funny, my husband thinks he gets less than friendly service in Asheville sometimes because he's a normal looking white male.

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            ha! because those Trustafarians are *such* great tippers!

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          I second Barley's. I've been several times and, due to the incredible beer selection, it's become my regular haunt when in the Asheville.

          I haven't been to AP&B, so I can't comment on the service. In my mind, incredible food trumps bad service. If the pizza is so good you gotta have it, no matter what, then deal with the service issues and maybe talk to one of the owners. If the pizza isn't that great, find another pizza place.

        3. Even though the food is pretty good, every time I've gone to Asheville Pizza, I've felt like I was bothering the staff. I've never felt welcomed and never had very good service. The only reason I ever go back is because they're generally open later than most other Asheville restaurants.

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            I have to agree with McChow; I go to Asheville 4-6 times a year and inevitably never roll into town until 11:00 or so. APB is often the only place still serving food so I bite my tongue and bear it. It does help that the food is generally very good, if it weren't for that I guess I'd settle for Cheese Ritz crackers and a six pack in my room!

            In their defense, I rarely receive great service in Asheville - a few times stick out but in general, I rarely have felt truly welcomed there.

          2. I'll chime in here by saying every time I've been to AVP (on Merrimon) I've had great service and great food. Maybe I'm an anomaly here but I've always felt welcome...could be my vegetarian karma...who knows?

            1. I will say the only time I had a pie delivered it was very undercooked...that has been my only negative. As those familiar with my posts will know - if you really want pizza in this town start at Marcos. AVP is great when there is a movie and you're in the mood for the 'hippy pizza' category (which can be great at times) - especially the Greek...mmm

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                I have to agree with jbyoga. Go a few blocks down the street to Marco's. The food is much better.