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Aug 10, 2008 04:23 PM

Nakajima 800yen lunch in shinjuku(1 michelin star)

I recently went to Nakajima so that I could try a Michelin rated restaurant on the cheap. Their dinner is kaiseki syle and I believe starts around 8000yen. The lunch menu features 4 or 5 versions of iwashi sardines. All 800 yen. まじで?  I got sashimi and my companion got fry. You can also get shioyaki and iwashi cooked with eggs. They go through 20kilos of iwashi every lunch day. It was delicious, very carefully prepared. So fresh, it was as if the iwashi was swimming through the air and accidentally went into your mouth. You can see the food and some other restaurants I went to in this video.

This video also shows me eating delicious saba mackrel sushi at the famous izuu (Iduu) In Kyoto. It's very cheap too.

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  1. Hi vittus,

    Thanks for the report and the very entertaining video! (^_^) The 800 Yen dishes sound like a wonderful bargain.

    Do you have the Address or URL of Nakajima in Shinjuku, and the Robata-Yaki you went to at the end of your video?


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    1. re: exilekiss

      the above link has some English info on Nakajima.
      I can't find the card for the Robata place, but I will let you know if I find it. It was in Kyoto, however.

    2. Cool video. I loved your Ken Tanaka schtick in spite of myself, have to check these all out.well done.

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        haha so you're the real ken tanaka?

        I enjoyed the ' How to speak Japanese without saying a word'

      2. 800 Yen lunch was amazing. Ask to sit at the bar, and try not to hang around too long after you've finished eating...
        Pictured below: The storefront, Iwashi sashimi and Nizakana.

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        1. re: anitaraze

          Do you need a reservation lunch or is it first come first serve?

          1. re: prasantrin

            First come first served. I believe they are open 11:30AM-2:00PM. Closed Sundays? but double check before you go. The wait times shouldn't exceed 30 minutes, as most people eat, pay and leave (as you're expected to do). Arriving as a group of 3+ could make it difficult to get counter seating.

            1. re: anitaraze

              Thanks! I'm staying relatively close, and will be dining solo, so I think it will be perfect!

              1. re: prasantrin

                You can order one dish as a "set" with miso soup and rice, and you could order an additional dish as "tan-pin" for slightly cheaper than the set price. Not on the menu but available is a half order of the sashimi served alacarte. Not sure of the price.
                My BF and I ordered a full sashimi, nizakana (braised), and fried style. We finished them all! YUM!