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Aug 10, 2008 03:51 PM

Opinions, and recs for HK, Last trip poss ever

Dear Hounds,
My wife and I are taking our dream food trip to Asia before we start our family and may not return for some time. I am Chinese, but have not been back for 12 years, but it is her first trip to Asia. Briefly, we will eat pretty much anything as long as it is tasty. I have been looking on the web for some time and have come up with a few places I would appreciate any input on. We start in San Francisco, with lunch at the French Laundry, the fly to Hong Kong for 4 days, taking a Martha Sherpa cooking class, 3 days in Bangkok, and 2 in Singapore. If you have any cannot miss places in BKK or Singapore I would also be thankful.
So for Dim Sum we decided on Lin Heung teahouse, Roast goose Yung Kee or Yat Lok (the place Boudain went to), noodles Wing Wah, and claypot Wing Hop Shing's. We have thought about Din tai fung for soup dumpling but are aware it is a chain, also we are looking for a seafood restaurant (it can be on one of the islands) and specificly Samoan Black Pepper crab (Chili Crab in Singapore). Also where can you get these hand made bamboo noodles? Thank you in advance. I have recs for SF, NYC, Toronto if anyone would like.

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