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Aug 10, 2008 03:47 PM

Outstanding ethnic, Harrisburg/York/Lanc area?

The only one I've ever found is Rice and Noodle, Vietnamese, in Lancaster. Absolutely fantastic food, spotlessly clean, ridiculously low prices.

Are there any others? Anywhere in the region? I've lived in this region all my life and have yet to find a single great ethnic restaurant other than Rice & Noodle. (Yes, Bella Mundo and the Accomac Inn are great, but those are once a year on my budget and not ethnic.)

So, your finds please. I just came back from a foodie romp through San Francisco's Chinatown and I'm going through horrible withdrawal. Please help. For instance, does anyone know of a single non-americanized Chinese resto in the region?


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  1. I'd recommend Pahka's Thai House in Dillsburg on Rte 15. Very authentic Thai food. We've been going there for years now and it has yet to disappoint us.

    1. Passage to India, in Harrisburg, has been around for years and is regionally outstanding in my estimation. I went twice and had the lunch buffet and thought it was a good value for the price. The restaurant has a spectacular view overlooking the Susquehanna River and would make for quite a romantic dinner. But many people never find Passage to India because it is hidden in a hotel complex on South Front Street (near the Shipoke neighborhood).



      I can't think of a single non-americanized Chinese place in the region, but there's a good "hole-in-the-wall" Korean restaurant I like in Camp Hill off of Market Street called Spring Garden. I love their Sanchae Bibimbap and Kimchi Jigae.


      And if you like French bistro fare, Confit on Market Street in Camp Hill opened a while back. I haven't been there but I've heard very good things.


      1. I concur on Passage to India and the Thai place in Dillsburg. I would also recommend Aangan for Indian. I no longer live in Harrisburg, but upon passing through the area this past weekend, stopped at Broad St Market for lunch, and forgot how much I miss it! The spring rolls from Golden Dragon are wonderful, and the Indian place (Curry in a Hurry) isn’t bad either.

        My only regret from the experience is not buying one of the self-decorated horseshoes from the sweet little Mennonite (?) boy in the straw hat in the corner. Someone please patronize him! I had non-buyer’s regret later and couldn’t get him out of my mind.

        1. Thai Palace on Carlisle Pike in Camp Hill.

          For non-Asian suggestions, Herby's El Mexicano in Bressler. Also, for an authentic taqueria, Tacos Mi Tierra on Derry Street in Harrisburg.

          1. How about Lemon Grass Thai? Villebru Famliy Restaurant? Brothers and Sisters? Mo"Bay Cafe? Taj Mahal? All in Lancaster and that's just off the top of my head. The Dominican place on South Duke, You need to get around a bit befor making the kind of statement you did.
            Lancaster ain't SanFransico, I agree. There is not the kind of Chinese place you are looking for here that I know of.