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Aug 10, 2008 03:42 PM

Vegan or Vegetarian in DC?

Will be in town this week with a car and Metro access.

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  1. There are always veggie options on menus throughout the city. However, if you want a vegetarian restaurant, Java Green downtown is highly recommended (tons of vegan options), and there is also Vegeate. Asylum in Adams Morgan has a vegan brunch. For sweets check out the vegan bakery, Sticky Fingers, in Columbia Heights. They are known for their vegan cinnamon buns.

    1. Nirvana on K St. near Farragut West (I think?) is great, completely vegetarian Indian food. Vegan/gluten free is marked separately on the menu. Pretty little space.

      Java Green also has a whole vegdc publication, which you should pick up while you're in town if you want to stay strictly vegetarian. But most places offer a vegetarian option, if you stay away from the obvious no-no's like BBQ/stolid steakhouses (well, some of those have vegetarian options too, they're just an afterthought and it's not a great test of the kitchen.) Have fun!

      1. There's Chinese vegetarian at Lotus Vegetarian in Chantilly, VA ( near Dulles Airport.

        1. Sticky Fingers also has food now. And, around the corner is a Julia's Empanada's which has great vegetarian empanadas. In adams morgan, amsterdam falafal is yummy - and Tryst has good vegetarian options. As does Open City in Woodley.

          Spices in Cleveland Park has great vegetarian options. Suicide Curry, if you dare.

          1. Spices is a good recommendation.

            My vegan officemate told me recently that he had a nice meal at Perry's in Adams Morgan where they had vegan and vegetarian options plus a lot of sushi and small plates for his meat-eating companions. I've personally never been there but it's another options.

            Also Heritage, a great Indian restaurants in Dupont Circle (and Glover Park), has vegetarian options.

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              last visit to java green said they were switching to all raw, did that happen and is it good?

              1. re: Elyssa

                Java Green has wonderful food, but their service has gone south in the last 6 months, IMO. It's a madhouse at lunch, but has outdoor seating so dinners can be quite nice.

                For upscale, Nora's is expensive, but fantastic and a wonderful atmosphere. Not 100% veg, but much (all?) organic and several veg options.

                If you are outside the city, Sunflower Cafe (two locations: Vienna and Falls Church near 7 Corners) is wonderful and has a nice atmosphere.

                Lastly, I would also recommend Duangarat's in Falls Church/Bailey's Crossroads. It's a Thai and is not 100% veg, but has many veg options to choose from.

                1. re: miden6

                  I like Sunflower, too. I just tried the new Falls Church branch and like it much better than the Vienna one. Not better food but better ambiance.

                  1. re: chowser

                    I really like the FC Sunflower as well. I'm not used to having so many options to pick from!

                    Saran Indian Cuisine on Lee Highway in Arlington is very nice (though the last time I went was at least a year or two ago) and cheap, too.

                    1. re: chowser

                      Oh, one more thing in the Falls Church area is Happy Family on S Washington St in Falls Church city. It doesn't look like much-- just a crappy looking little Chinese takeout, but they have a really good selection of well made meat substitute dishes.