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Aug 10, 2008 03:34 PM

Fave side dishes/salads for grilling out dinner? How about great apps?

Any great salad recipes- no regular coleslaw or potato salad at this dinner? Dinner will be homemade burgers, terayaki chicken kabobs, and pork tenderloin. Any other good side dish ideas?

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  1. There's a wonderful orzo dish at epicurious called Orzo with Everything, excellent! Also, there is an equally wonderful orzo dish by Ina Garten called Orzo with Roasted Vegetables, both are fab with any grilled foods.

    For a non-regular potato salad, may I offer Roasted Potato and Cilantro, if you do NOT like Cilantro, it won't be a good idea, but it's a great and different potato salad; here's the link--

    1. This is not your gramma's potato salad. It is made with purple potatoes and very good. This recipe, in my opinion, is a suggestion from which you may add or subtract as you please. - 22k

      Also, what about a caprese salad. I can be a beautiful, as well as tasty, dish for summer.

      A red cabbage side cooked with apples, wine, vinegar, etc would be good, especially with the pork. Recipes are all over the web.

      Sweet potato fries with a dip.

      1. Cheryl and Bill Jamison's "Smoke and Spice" has a recipe for a sweet potato salad with a chipotle dressing that is great (Sweet Sally's Sweet Potato Salad). "The Silver Palate Cookbook" has a recipe for an outstanding rice and vegetable salad flavored with lots of dill - people always love this when I bring it to parties and they scarf up the leftover salad to take home for themselves! It is so good! You can find the Silver Palate recipe at either of these two links:

        The recipe will yield eight to ten servings, according to the book, however, since it starts with eight cups of cooked rice, I think eight to ten would result in very generous servings. Oh, and it is just fine after being refrigerated for a day or two, just don't serve it right from the refrigerator.

        1. I went to a party where the host served a terrific Asian-inspired julienned vegetable salad with a spicy sesame vinaigrette that got rave reviews. For grill parties, however, I like to continue the grill theme with grilled panzanelle. The combination of smokey bread and crisp vegetables is great.

          1. I quarter new potatoes, chop red pepper into kebob-sized chunks, chop sweet onion into smaller chunks and wrap in an aluminum foil pack along with a generous amount of Old Bay seasoning, olive oil or butter, pepper, and a little salt. I cook it right on the grill at about 475 degrees, flipping the pack once. It's done in about 45 minutes and, though not fancy, tastes good.