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Aug 10, 2008 03:10 PM

Can't miss southern fare in/around Macon

We will be driving from Ky to Fla and me being from San Diego would LOVE some suggestions for breakfast,lunch &dinner. I'm planning on breakfast at the Loveless Cafe in Memphis on our way down.

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    1. For soul food in Macon, go to H&H. The owner, Mama Louise, fed the Allman Brothers Band when they were starting out (Capricorn Records once was based in Macon), and they still sing her praises. Good food. Don't be scared by the fact that you pay in the kitchen.
      Bear's Den in Macon is another good meat and three.
      Both Fresh Air and Fincher's do pretty decent barbecue (heck, does anyone agree on barbecue?). Fincher's, by the way, has the distinction of having been sent into space; Astronaut Sonny Carter was a big fan.
      Now if you want to tie on the feedbag, go to Yoder's Deitsch Haus on Montezuma. It's run by a Mennonite family (fairly substantial community there in Montezuma) that serves great, stick-to-your ribs food with huge portions at decent prices. Their desserts are legendary. Yoder's is off the interstate (more than) a bit, but it's worth going there. Call it Southern food, Mennonite style.

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        Thanks so much for the tips. I'm leaving tomorrow for Ky. I can hardly wait to experience the chow in the South. I promise to report back in September.