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Aug 10, 2008 03:02 PM

first time at oceanaire tonight

we heard very good things about this place. some people say it is the best seafood in town .will report back later tonight

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    1. waiting.. anxiously... with gift card in hand for your report. This may be bad sign.

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      1. re: 2cooks5eaters

        It's not amazing but it is not bad either. Just not the best seafood in town. River Oyster is better, Joes is better.

        1. re: 2cooks5eaters

          you are right . sorry i wasnt able to report back sooner. i would have to say it was a decent food experience. we were a party of four .we tried a couple of apps which were very good ,especially the crab cakes .if you are a crab cake fan this is the place to be. the escargot on the other hand left a lot to be desired.moving on to the main dish, this is were the problem was for me.i was craving whole fish for a long time. so when i asked the server for e reccomendation , she told me abouth the key west snapper. which is down three different ways . fried , broiled ,and grilled so we went with her reccomendation. however we were suprised to se the fish come out fried it was a tremendous letdown for us , being that we only eat grilled fish. i think the server should have asked us before putting in the order.overall the food was good . but that last part was a fatal mistake for me

          1. re: nikostoumbaios

            Maybe he meant it could be done 3 ways, as in choices, so when you said, "ok" he just thought you wanted the first choice? This happens a TON in Miami and its usually because servers either dont confirm an order or dont write it down to begin with.

            1. re: nikostoumbaios

              Well, we took the plunge and went to the Oceanaire last night. Table for 4, no reservations on a Thurs night, immediate seating. Service was exceptional but often had to fix things that the kitchen mishandled. I used the Miami Spice menu, just to compare to other resturant week/month menus. Okay, but did not make me want to return. I have to agree with everyone here. The food is good but not exceptional. The waiter attempted to make us believe we would be eating exceptional food, we did not. And strangely enough, my tablemate ordered grilled whole fish and the waiter reported that the fish was prepared fried. He offered a dessert of the diner's choice to make up for the mistake because it extend the table wait for 10-15 minutes. We were in good company and did not mind waiting, but.... the dessert that the diner requested was not he got a replacement dessert for his replacement entree. The waiter tried desperately to make it right, but even after a bottle of good, not exceptional wine, and a few very good mojitos, we left a bit disappointed. Luckily, half of the meal was covered by our trusty gift card. Note to self: Do not give gift card from Oceanaire to people you really like, just to people you kind of like but may want to suffer a little bit...