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Aug 10, 2008 02:26 PM

global supermarket in philly?

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good one-stop shopping international market or supermarket in the philly area. I live in St. Louis but will be moving to philly soon. Here in St. Louis we have a place called Global Markets which is amazing. It's huge and every aisle carries food from a different part of the world. There is also a huge produce department with food items you would never see anywhere else here. So, I was hoping there might be something like that in philly as well.

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  1. I am not sure I know of a place exactly like Global Markets, but Wegmans (in Downingtown and Warrington and in Collegeville in 2009) has a pretty extensive assortment of international goods and high quality produce. There are also a number of Trader Joe's in the area.

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      Karen K - Where will the Wegman's be in Collegeville? This is news to me!

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        There have been previous discussions about it on this board: I don't really know Collegeville but reportedly at intersection of 422 and 29. Anticipated for early 2009.

    2. There isn't, but there are separate markets for specialties from different parts of the world that have stuff I'm sure you'd never see in Global Markets in a million years... Try the Asian market complex on Washington Ave., and the various Mexican groceries scattered throughout South Philly. The northeastern part of the city is home to Bell's Market, where you can get any number of eastern European specialties.

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        There are also Indian and Pakistani markets in West Philly. Thank you.

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          West Philly's a good bet for a lot of Ethnic food, if not in the same store at least in the same general area.

          Additionally, Supreme Shop and Bag (44th & Chestnut) has a surprisingly good ethnic selection - the best I've seen in Philly, despite being a small-ish grocery.

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          and there is also a huge asian super market at 4th and spring garden that sells butter fish for 99 cents a pound. and you thought reading terminal was cheap....

        3. The reading terminal market also sells a variety of ethnic groceries, not a large selection of any one ethnicity, for example, some Thai staples at the Thai restaurant, etc. The Spice Terminal in the RTM has a decent array of ethnicities too and I am hoping that when the new grocer opens there will be even more. I also find it depends on the neighborhood - the superfresh on Delaware Ave has a large Italian, Polish and Mexican section as well as smaller sections of English, Mexican, and Asian products. Still, I end up at the Asian and mexican groceries

          1. If you travel over to NJ from Philly, less than a 10 minute ride in Pennsauken there is a Supremo Supermarket on Route 130. It specializes in Hispanic products but they do have a range of Caribbean items as well. It's a full service grocery store with meats, a deli, specialty meat counter, fish market and produce. Everything is well priced and they also have a very large selection of canned goods, beans and a huge selection of all kinds of mexican and central american cheeses.

            1. If you'll be in central Montgomery County, the Assi Market outside of Lansdale has every imaginable fresh produce and fish you can imagine along with an unmatched selection of Asian, Indian and Hispanic products.