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Aug 10, 2008 02:24 PM

In Miami unexpectedly and looking for suggestions

My wife and I are in Miami Beach until Wednesday due to a medical emergency. The emergency has past, but now we are in Miami Beach with no car and no idea where to eat. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideally in walking distance from central Miami Beach?

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    1. You could take a cab (or a really far walk) to:

      210 23rd St
      Miami Beach, FL 33139
      (305) 672-0778

      Prime 112
      112 Ocean Dr
      Miami Beach, FL 33139
      (305) 532-8112

      or it is Miami Spice so you can check out and find a place closer to your exact location

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      1. re: Sobe4u

        We are near Mt Sinai, unfortunately.

        These recommendations look great, we'll give them a try. Any suggestions for casual dinig around here? I just went for a walk, and there doesn't look like much

        1. re: scatalogics

          The forge is good. Never tried cafe avanti - no real reason for me to go, but you should in your situation. It looks like it might be ok.

          1. re: tpigeon

            check out 41st, try Pita Hut
            La Brioche Doree
            maybe Creek 28

      2. Oasis Cafe, 976 41 Street is a health food/Mediterranean place that has pretty good fare. Definitely worth a try, very close to Mt. Sinai.

        1. For breakfast/lunch there is Arnie and Richie's deli. I also love Tasti Cafe...Kosher and vegetarian, always nice and fresh salads and good baked treats and H&H bagels in the morning...

          1. it seems La Brioche Doree is closed for rennovations, but I did try a great Cuban place called Latin Cafe. All the Kosher spots were closed this weekend (well most of them, anyway). I'll give them a try tomorrow. Thanks for all the suggestions!