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Aug 10, 2008 01:50 PM

Brown Rice Sushi

trying to eat gluten-free and am looking for recommendations for brown rice sushi places...prefer downtown.


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  1. Sushi Island on College (Crawford). discussed at length on this board.

    King's Cafe - 192 Augusta Ave, Kensington Market. It's an asian vegetarian cafe, always busy during meal time. (It's not on the menu, but they would make the sushi rolls with brown rice if you ask for it).

    1. Ho Su bistro on Queen and John does brown rice sushi.

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        Ichiban on Queen East in the beaches can make any roll with brown rice - they charge one dollar extra.

      2. Sushi and Salad - a take out only place on Dundas just east of University on the south side. Not a heck of a lot of selection in their refrigerated case, but they do have a sign welcoming requests. Primarily serves the lunch crowd. Not a bad salad bar too.