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Aug 10, 2008 01:46 PM

Corn ice cream?

Does anyone know of any place that sells corn ice cream?

It was a common flavor back in Singapore. It does sound pretty odd for anyone who isn't from south-east Asia but it has a really nice sweet taste. Any brand will do!

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  1. So Weird syngin! I just saw some today at a new supermarket called the Moose or something with the work Moose in it. It's in Chinatown on Dundas just east of Huron. It's fairly large and you can't miss it. They have a pretty nice sized collection of Asian Ice cream including red bean, green tea, taro and corn. Let me know what happens.

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      Easy to find - look for the cray-looking moose statue out front. Next to the Just Loonies dollar store.

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        Oooo thanks!!!! I will totally have to look for it when I go down to Chinatown next!

        1. re: food face

          Thanks again for the help! I managed to find it - it says 'corn and cheese' which is kinda weird but it tastes like the stuff I used to eat! Really happy. Hope to pick up some of the mango ice cream next time!

          1. re: sygnin

            Awesome! Now that I hear good things...I gotta get me some cheese and corn ice cream too!

        2. I haven't seen corn ice cream in Toronto, but it's a popular flavour in Brazil, too. Also avocado ice cream. Avocados are frequently eaten with sugar added, rather than as a savoury dish.

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            Interesting. Avocado's are a favorite among vegan deserts too. I've tried it in a chocoalate strawberry mousse. I can see why lots of people would love it. It really get's creamy without the dairy.

          2. Greg's occasionally breaks out the Indian Summer ice cream, which contains creamed corn among a few other ingredients that i cannot remember.

            its definitely an aquired taste, but i thought it was delicious.

            1. Look for the Magnolia brand in Chinese groceries. I am sure T&T carries the brand.