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Aug 10, 2008 12:55 PM

Late night food in Toronto?

Does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere to get some decent food between 10 p.m.and 12 on a Friday night? I'm going to be in a concert untill about that time, and I don't want to end up getting Burger King or something. Not looking for anything to expensive, take out or dine in would be fine.

Also if it was near the midtown area (sutton place hotel), or near the Molsen Amphitheatre that would be best. Thanks

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  1. Most restaurants on Yonge near your hotel closes at 11 or 12 on a Friday night, so I am sure you will have plenty of choices.

    7 West (7 Charles St, west of Yonge) is about 5 min walk from Sutton. Okay bistro food. Good service. They are opened 24/7.

    Sushi Sky (216 Yonge, near College) closes at 11 on Fridays. Very good bento deals, and usually pretty okay rolls.

    Big Slice on Yonge (Gerrad) - simple thin crust pizza. always served pipping hot. open until dawn.

    Sizzler's on Yonge (College) - burgers, fries, simple stuff. friendly staff.

    I would recommend just a quick bite on college and head to church st and see what Toronto has to offer on a Friday night!

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      Do you mean Fran's on Yonge and College?

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        No,....avoid Fran's on College. I know others rave about Fran's at other locations. But on College..expect inconsistent service and poor quality foood

    2. Near the Sutton Place hotel (which is downtown, btw :) ) are Wish, which is open until midnight on Friday, and 7 West Cafe, which is open 24 hours. Both are on Charles St.

      1. Perfect for after a concert at the Amp is New York Subway, on Queen, just east of Bathurst. Check it out here on CH.

        1. Barberian's, one of Toronto's premier steak houses, is open until midnight; in addition to excellent beef and a renowned wine cellar, it offers a special menu of items only available after 10 pm, such as a Grand Marnier soufflé, cheese soufflé and so forth. Highly recommended. Reservations often a must. It is located not far from the Sutton Place - at Elm off Yonge, about a 7 min taxi ride.

          1. In that area, at Yonge at Gerrard, try Red and White for great shawarma and salads, and Doner Kebab across the street for great sandwiches.

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                Does Red and White stay open to midnight or later?

                1. re: nickwin

                  Not sure, but I know that if anywhere stays open late, it will be on that strip of Yonge St.