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Aug 10, 2008 12:54 PM

Sushi Ran last night

After hiking the Dipsea trail yesterday we headed to Sausalito for dinner at Sushi Ran. It had been a while since we had been here. We are devotees of Sushi Sho in Albany and usually go there when we crave high quality sushi. Our dinner at Sushi Ran was AMAZING. There was an extensive list of seasonal sushi options including ones we had never tried before. In no particular order we tried: triggerfish, Japanese sweet fish (our first time trying this), Japanese marbled flounder with white miso powder and Japanese pepper leaf, Tasmanian ocean trout (similar to salmon), kombu-cured Copper River salmon, bincho maguro, marinated chutoro, toro, wine-marinated young anago and unagi. Every piece of sushi we put in our mouth was impeccably fresh and flavorful. Truly heavenly sushi. Sushi Ran also has an extensive sake list and our server steered us to some great choices. There is something about the combination of the buzz from sake and the Omega-3s from raw fish that induces a trippy euphoria in me, especially when the food is this delicious. This place is pricy though and the bill for two including lots of amazing sushi, sake and tip came out to just under $200. But it was definitely worth the splurge.

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  1. Thanks for posting on Sushi Ran with details on what you tried. Also helpful to know that you're a Sushi Sho partisan for comparison.

    Sushi Ran
    107 Caledonia St., Sausalito, CA 94965

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      can you recommend a great Japanese place in San Rafael or the best restaurant of any sort in San Rafael CA?

      1. re: stutzco

        SOL FOOD Puerto Rican Cuisine is amazing!

        Try the Cubano sandwich with the Pique sauce (a must).

    2. A couple of other Sushi Ran gems: The Shaking Beef, Cucumber Salad, Dragon Roll, & Crunch Roll