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Aug 10, 2008 12:32 PM

Good Indian Downtown Chicago

Looking for really good indian food in the downtown area. Fine dining suggestions please!

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  1. For Indian Fusion, you could try Vermillion, although I have never been there so can't vouch for the quality.

    For more traditional, India House is good, but I wouldn't call it fine dining.

    Although I quite like Indian food, if I were looking for fine dining in downtown Chicago, I might try something else.

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      Actually, India House could pass as fine dining, somewhat upscale. I have taken business clients there (one was from London) for dinner- anyway, the English guy absolutely loved the place, thought it was the best Indian he has ever digested in his 47 years of life. However, the Indian Garden on Ohio (I think it's on that street, maybe better double-check on it) is a little on the rattier side, more modest- still clean (well, perception wise) and excellent palak paneer...few dollars cheaper than the India House.

    2. Gaylord's is a little out of downtown (north Clark), but I used to walk back from there to the Loop. Great lunch buffet.

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        Last I heard, Gaylord's had closed, as it lost its lease on north Clark (think the building was being demolished). It was supposed to reopen in a new location. Has it?

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          There is a Gaylord by Woodfield in Schaumburg, not sure about the one in the city.

      2. The best Indian I have had is not downtown and not fine dining, but rather neighborhood places on Devon St. Bhabi's Kitchen is very good, as is Hema's, which also has a location in Lincoln Park. I have not heard of Indian downtown that I would describe as fine dining; I agree that India House would be the closest match.

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          I don't have a specific opening date but keep your eyes on India Grill, next to 11City Diner on Wabash. I have no idea how fine or good the dining will be, but it looks to be white-tablecloth, and they've installed some pretty impressive chandeliers!