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Aug 10, 2008 11:44 AM

Wine with Ad Hoc Fried Chicken? [moved from Bay Area board]

I have a reservation for tomorrow night at Ad Hoc for fried chicken night! I am going with about 9 other people and since I know they don't have cocktails, my usual drink of choice, I was wondering if anyone knew of a great wine pairing with fried chicken? I thought maybe champagne, but I'm sure some of the group would rather drink a still wine through the night. Does anyone have any great pairings?

Also, do you know what ad hoc's corking fee is?

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  1. Champagne is the best pairing for fried chicken. Foods with fat need a wine with high-acid, and a basic pairing rule that I teach is "bubbles love fat and salt." It's the same reason potato chips or pretzels go well with Coca-Cola. For a still wine, choose a high-acid white.

      1. Riesling is very safe with it.... kabinett or spatlese...

        A luscious gewurztraminer also very good match, but a little harder to find than a nice riesling.

        There was a recent thread on here about a chicken w/ bitter orange dish, and a riesling came out on top...

        For your fried chicken, riesling and gewurztraminer have the advantage of working with a very wide range of spices... so just about whatever herbs and seasonings the chef is likely to put in the batter, these 2 varietals will be able to pair nicely with them... in addition to the fried batter texture and "chicken" in general.

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          The wine list is small, and changes. Server suggestions will be helpful. They did have a Zillikin Riesling last time I was there. The fried chicken is fairly straightforward -- it's first brined with lemon and herbs. The batter is a basic buttermilk with flour seasoned with cayenne, and onion and garlic powders. Served with mashed potatoes, and vegetable sides vary from peas and carrots (very high-quality ones!), to green beans to collard greens with pancetta. Basically, an upscale Americana fried chicken.

          In the interest of accuracy:
          The recent thread that paired chicken with bitter orange was for *roasted* chicken rubbed with cumin and seville orange and stuffed with seville oranges -- so the flavors are quite different from Ad Hoc's fried chicken. There was also some disagreement on the Riesling pairing for that cumin-orange roasted chicken dish.Here is that thread:

          This isn't to say that a Riesling won't work with the Ad Hoc fried chicken, only that the dishes are quite different.

          1. re: maria lorraine

            oh the dishes are very different... that just illustrates that riesling (and gewurztraminer) are friendly to a very wide range of herbs as well as being excellent "chicken" wines in general.... and for that matter very friendly to frying (shrimp, fish, chicken, etc... are all nice with these wines).

            1. re: maria lorraine

              That sounds like a Barbera might go nicely with their fried chicken dinner, at least with the greens as a side.

          2. I'm a big fan of more acidic Chard (Meursault is one) with fried chicken, and also a good, acidic PN. A lot depends on the house's take on this dish, with special regards to seasonings. As ML comments, Champagen is a great accompaniment - think Chard and PN - what comes to mind?

            I usually do a still wine, but that's with my wife's fried chicken. Have never dined at Ad Hoc, so do not know what their thinking is.


            1. CHAMPAGNE ALL THE WAY!!!

              A rich Riesling with low RS would also pair well, as would many other fuller flavored/bodied yet *higher acid* whites.

              But, for me, Champagne would be the clear winner.